A visit from beyond

There was a discussion recently in the wheelcorgis group about whether and when our babies who have gone to the Bridge ever come back or send us messages. There were several people who had experiences of both, but I never had. Until the past three nights.

My Maggie died July 3, 2014 at almost 17 years, and I still can't believe she is gone. She was my only real heart dog and my very best friend. Of course, Maggie and my other Corgis slept on my bed and Maggie knew she was not allowed to get down unless I lifted her down. I don't like these short legged, long backed Corgis to jump off of anything that they can't jump onto. She was very obedient about that and would wake me if she needed anything. As she became more aged and infirm, the mere feel of her footstep on the bed would wake me.

So, here is the experience: My Jackson has slept with me every night since the day we got him, but he wanted no part of my bed the past three nights. I didn't understand, but took him off because he was a little crazed about it.

The first night I felt footsteps, I thought that my husband had put Jackson back on the bed. But there was no Jackson. The second night, I realized after it was over, that it was Maggie paying me a little visit. So, last night, when the footsteps woke me, I thanked her for coming to be with me and told her I love her always. It was a great comfort to me to know that she really does still exist, albeit on another plane.


I wouldn't believe this if it hadn't been so crystal clear. And Jackson must have sensed her spirit there. Why that would frighten him, I don't know.

Also Sophie sleeps with me, when she wants to, which is pretty much how Sophie does everything! Right now, Sophie easily jumps up and down. However, I am positive that those footsteps were not Sophie's. She makes her decision at bedtime and is then safely closed behind another bedroom door if she is not with me. She is still far too destructive to be allowed to wander! Sophie is 10 months old and we rescued her at 6 months. The lady that we got Sophie from was her original rescuer from a puppy mill, but had to give her up because of own health issues.

Jackson is 9 and we rescued him at 5. He was a sire in puppy mill until Corgi Rescue got him.

Sophie is our fifth corgi. Maggie was the only one we actually bought as a puppy from a real breeder.

* * * * *

So far Maggie has not returned. Maybe she just needed me to acknowledge that I knew she was there and feel comforted. I do hope she comes again.

Stacy Lynskey (USA), with my tiptoeing angel Maggie, sweet Jackson and roughneck Sophie.
3 March 2015