Royal Memorial Statue

This is the historic moment the first memorial statue to the late Queen is unveiled on what would have been her 98th birthday, featuring her beloved corgis at her heels.

The unveiling was done to the cheers of crowds - and the approving barks of nearly 50 corgis as a delegation of dogs from The Welsh Corgi League were in attendance.

The eye-catching seven-foot bronze statue went on display on what would have been the late Queen's birthday with a group of corgis stealing the show.

The stunning memorial depicts a youthful Queen Elizabeth - who stood at just 5ft 4in - in flowing regal robes with three loyal corgi companions at her feet, and one can be seen peeking out from the creases.

It serves as a permanent reminder to her remarkable 70-year reign and her enduring affection for the Pembroke Welsh breed.

Sculptor Hywel Pratley believes the memorial will become a hit not only with royal fans but will attract social media users wanting a selfie beside the late HM and her trio of corgis. Over her decades on the throne, the late Queen owned an estimated 30 corgis and dorgis (dachshund and corgi mixes) and perhaps became the most famous Pembroke Welsh Corgi owner in history.

Daily Mail, 21 April 2024