Willie The Corgi!


The Brokenwood Mysteries TV star Neill Rea is no stranger to working with the cream of New Zealand's acting talent but in season 6 (2019) he is really upstaged by a Corgi called Logan.

Neill Rea with "Willie"

The dog made his debut in this season's second episode playing the part of WILLIE and Rea says Logan was in no way intimidated by his human co- stars. "He kind of worked out that if he played up, he would get more treats so he'd be sitting on his mark perfectly and then someone would say, 'Roll camera' and he'd wander away," says the actor who plays Brokenwood's Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd. "Of course, the trainer would then have to come and give him another treat, but he was so adorable that everyone forgave him!"

Shepherd ends up with a Corgi companion, only revealing it used to belong to one of his ex-wives. "I was forced to improvise a bit with him in tow and there were a few times where I got tangled up in the leash and stuff like that, but he was great fun!"

Sadly, Logan passed away in November 2020 due to inherent kidney dysplasia only 2 and a half years old. His family say: "he was very cheeky and got away with everything... we will miss Logan and he will forever be in our memories and our hearts".