Euro Corgi Show 2019

This year's Euro Corgi Show took place in Ansfelden-Kremsdorf, Austria on 14 June, one day before the Welsh Corgis were judged at the Euro Dog Show in Wels about 25 km from the Euro Corgi Show venue. It was a great success with exhibitors from all over Europe and even as far away as Israel! The 144 Pembrokes and 79 Cardigans came from 24 different countries, the greatest number coming from Russia.

Main results (I hope I got it all right!!!)

Pembrokes - Judge: Kevin Dover, GB
Baby: Corcastle Harry Potter Freelancer, very promising 1, Best Baby. Owner: Mihaela Majcenic, Croatia

Corcastle Harry Potter Freelancer, Best Pembroke Baby

Puppy: Nireno Dom Perignon: very promising 1. Owner: Vittoria Valsecchi, Italy
Junior: Andvol Chevalier, exc 1, Best Junior. Owner: Alina Bazilevich, Ukraine

Andvol Chevalier, Best Juniorr

Intermediate: Siggen's Illuminator, exc 1, CACA. Owner: Herman Wilberg, Norway

Siggen's Illuminator, CACA

Open: Mastermind Rudens Legendos, exc 1, CACA, Best Dog, BOS. Owner: Ramute Masiokaite, Lithuania

Mastermind Rudens Legendos, Best Dog, BOS

Champion: Aethwy Piano Man, exc 1, CACA. Owner: Yana Vengre-Vengerova, Russia

Ch. Aethwy Piano Man, CACA
Was 3rd in FCI group 1 at the EuroDog Show on 15 June!!

Veteran: Andvol Mercury, exc 1, Best Pembroke Veteran. Owner: Andrey Ryabets, Russia

Andvol Mercury, Best Pembroke Veteran

Baby: Pemslife Question Me Not, very promising 1. Owner: Esther Ferrari, Italy

Pemslife Question Me Not

Puppy: Wallfugh Serif Bryanna, very promising 1, Best Pembroke Puppy. Owner: Vittoria Valsecchi, Italy.

Wallfugh Serif Bryanna, Best Pembroke Puppy

Junior: Mistycor Bubbles in Champagne, exc 1, Best Pembroke Junior, BIS Junior. Owner: Natalia Ozeryanskaya, Russia

Mysticor Bubbles in Champagne, Best Junior in Show

Intermediate: Rosso Ambra del Mio Mare, exc 1, CACA. Owner: Ekaterina Surkova, Russia
Open: Mistycor Serenada in Blue, exc 1, CACA, Best Bitch, BOB, BIS, EuroCorgi Winner. Owner: Natalia Ozeryanskaya, Russia

Mistycor Serenade in Blue, Best in Show and Euro Corgi Winner

Champion: Altneu Hurdy Gurdy, exc 1, CACA. Owner: Natalja Birjukova, Latvia
Veteran: Filastroccacinderella, exc 1, Best Veteran. Owner: Elena Pieroni, Italy

Mistycor Serenade in Blue, BIS & Euro Corgi Winner - Major Point Janie's Got A Gun, Reserve BIS

Cardigans - Judge: Thelma Taylor, GB
Puppy: Major Point Black Opal at Pietra, very promising 1, Best Cardigan Puppy, BIS Puppy. Owner: Alexandra & Stefan Trefan-Torok, Hungary

Major Point Black Opal at Pietra, Best Puppy in Show

Junior: Major Point Zucchero, exc 1, Best Cardigan Junior. Owner: Natalia Mayorova, Russia

Major Point Zucchero, Best Cardigan Junior

Intermediate: Major Point Violet Hill, exc 1, CACA. Owner: Liubov Bobkova, Russia
Open: Major Point Velvet Underground, exc 1. CACA. Owner: Natalia Agafonova, Russia

Major Point Velvet Underground, CACA

Champion: Crowncor Bolt To Rio, exc 1, CACA, Bester Dog, BOS. Owner: Kim V. Nielsen, Denmark

Ch. Crowncor Bolt to Rio, Best Dog, BOS

Veteran: Anderl vom Holledauer Bockerl, exc 1, Best Veteran. Owner: Luise Pfalzgraf. Germany

Anderl vom Holledauer Bockerl, Best Veteran

Baby: Alhambra de Granada, very promising 1, Best Cardigan Baby, BIS Baby. Owner: Sara Mendonça, Portugal

Alhambra de Granada, Best Baby in Show

Puppy: Killinworth Little Dwarf Annie, very promising 1. Owner: Susanne Perner, Austria

Killinworth Little Dwarf Annie, very promising 1

Junior: Zampa Grosso Britannia Silver, exc 1, Best Junior. Owner: Natalia Agafonova, Russia.

Zampa Grosso Britannia Silver, Best Junior

Intermediate: Dom Corgi Norbertina Winner, exc 1, CACA. Owner: Andrey Bondarenko, Russia

Dom Corgi Norbertina Winner, CACA

Open: Corgi Na Volge Russian River, exc 1, CACA. Owner: Julita Rygier, Poland
Champion: Major Point Janie's Got A Gun, exc 1, CACA, Best Bitch, BOB, Reserve BIS. Owner: Natalia Mayorova, Russia

Ch. Major Point Annie's Got A Gun, BOB, Reserve BIS

Veteran: Gwyneth Corlan Gi, exc 1, Best Cardigan Veteran, BIS Veteran. Owner: Hana Sedlonova, Czech Rep.

Gwyneth Corlan Gi, Best Veteran in Show

Best Brace in Show: Cardigans Major Point Velvet Underground & Major Point Janie's Got A Gan. Owner: Natalia Mayorova, Russia

Best Breeder's Group in Show: Danny Reinkehr with Daredevil's Pembrokes, Germany
Reserve Best Breeder's Group in Show: Natalia Mayorova with Major Point Cardigans, Russia