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News 2013

28.12.2013 - Update
Cheesy Treats
Honey Oat Cookies

26.12.2013 - Update
A Dog's Christmas Poem
A Homeless Dog's Christmas Prayer
An Old Dog's Christmas Prayer
Get your Kleenex ready!!

23.12.2013 - Update
Coby the Adventurer

12.12.2013 - Update
Dogs and Kids

09.12.2013 - Update
Is Peanut Butter Safe For Dogs?

04.12.2013 - Christmas in Middleburgh
Every year, on the first Saturday in December, the town of Middleburg, Virginia, starts the season with a joyful family festival which includes hayrides, visits from Santa, live music, a craft fair, a silent auction and a big parade with floats and animals, including Corgis.
The Corgis and their people march the parade in an organized "Corgi Corps" and judging from the parade in 2008 they all seem to have lots of fun.


The Corgihouse Advent Calendar is online again, starting on 1 December. Don't miss it!

28.11.2013 - Update
A Rather Unusual Friendship

26.11.2013 - CorgiAid Auction
Runs until 29 November, 11.59 p.m. CST (= 30 Nov. 05.59 GMT)
More than 400 items have been donated and all proceeds go to CorgiAid

11.11.2013 - Update
A Cardigan Puppy Is Good for the Soul

08.11.2013 - Update
Harry - Rescued from Hell

07.11.2013 - Update
A "Reading" Dog's Poem

30.10.2013 - Update
Mitch - A Working Corgi in New Zealand

22.10.2013 - Update
Reluctant Heroine

19.10.2013 - Update
Blowing Bubbles - Perhaps not just for fun!

Yesterday, the owner of this website had the great pleasure of presenting her former and present Cardigans on The Daily Corgi

08.10.2013 - Update
Dock Diving (a water sport)

06.10.2013 - New book

"Christmas for Little Bear", a continuation of "Teddies Christmas"
written and illustrated by Billie Stahl.
Available in English and in German from:

05.10.2013 - Update
Corgi Character

03.10.2013 - Update
Corgis on Wheels

16.09.2013 - Update
A Brother for Owen

13.09.2013 - Update
Pembroke Corgis in the Past

22.08.2013 - Update
"Someone will be sure to want him!"


Ed & Jiggles, two cute Corgi Best Friends on

15.08.2013 - Update
The Genetics of Coat Colour Inheritance in Pembroke Corgis


Engagement ring for dog lovers -

10.07.2013 - Update
Corgi Temperament

07.08.2013 - Update
Ode To A Cardigan Corgi

18.07.2013 - Update
Pepper And The Badger

17.07.2013 - Corgi Beach Party

318 Corgis enjoyed a day out -

16.07.2013 - Update
Early Puppy Socialisation

13.07.2013 - Royal Corgis commemorated in stained glass

The recently installed stained glass window in St John's Church in Baildon, near Shipley, West Yorkshire, commemorates the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The left pane depicts various highlights of her 60-year reign, while the right pane, among other things, shows the Queen at Trooping the Colour below which are three of her favourite corgis.
Photo (left): J. Mottershead, Baildon. Courtesy Our Corgi World, Summer 2013.

05.07.2013 - Update
Retractable or Flexi-Leashes


Cardigan trying to herd fish

23.06.2013 - Update
The Exploits Of Traveler

14.06.2013 - Update
Tay's Story

27.05.2013 - Corgis Going On A Cruise
On Memorial Day a bunch of Corgis and their owners went on a cruise.

Going on board

Not all Corgis liked to wear their life jackets
For more pictures visit

25.05.2013 - Update
Intelligence of Corgis

19.05.2013 - World Dog Show Budapest (HU) Main Results
Cardigans 34 entries - Judge: Edh Kenneth (S)
HPJ, Junior World Winner
World Winner (CACIB), BOB
Best Puppy
ANALOG CC KIND OF BLUE. Owner: Björn Erling Löken (N)
HPJ, Best junior, Junior World Winner
MARROW BEAUTY SECRET. Owner: Khenkina Marina
World Winner (CACIB).
Pembroke 93 entries - Judge Liz Cartledge (GB)
CORCASTLE ARTHUR THE KING. Owner: Mihaela I Doris Majcenic (HU)
Best minor puppy - 4th Best Minor Puppy of the Day (3-6 months)
HPJ, Junior World Winner
ANDVOL MERCURY. Owner: Raisa Sidorenko
CAC, World Winner (CACIB), BOB
HUM`NBIRD WOULD YOU BELIEVE. Owner: Liudmyla Vlasova
Best Veteran, Veteran World Winner
RUS GLAMUR GRITSA LUBVI. Owner: S. Ponomarenko (RU)
Best puppy
SIGGEN`S QUEEN OF SPADES. Owner: Rita Tilley Wilberg (NO)
HPJ, Best junior, Junior World Winner
PEMBERLY CORGIS DAHLIA. Owner: Juan Carlos Hadler (CL)
World Winner (CACIB)
ANDVOL WELSH CORGI PEMBROKE: 4th Breeding Group of the Day

16.05.2013 - Update
Miss Penny's New Life
Corgis Go To Preschool

14.05.2013 - Update
Miss Daisy's 4th Got You Barkday

10.05.2013 - Update
Wendy and the Snake

09.05.2013 - Update
The Corgi - A Shooting Dog


Corgis having a beach party
Pictures may take some time to load, so be please patient.

22.04.2013 - Update
Lend Me Your Ears - Part 1
Lend Me Your Ears - Part 2
Lend Me Your Ears - Part 3
Lend Me Your Ears - Part 4
Lend Me Your Ears - Part 5

12.04.2013 - Update
Mantrailing with a Corgi

08.04.2013 - Update
Head Foxy in Shape and Appearance

04.04.2013 - Update
Truth in Advertising

26.03.2013 - Update
Barking Corgis


"If you wouldn't wear YOUR DOG dog, please don't wear ANY FUR".
Swedish Anti-Fur campaign before Christmas 2012.

12.03.2013 - Update
Goodbye, Owain

Crufts 7-10 March 2013 - Main Results
This year, more than 25,000 dogs have made their way to the NEC in Birmingham.
The Pastoral Group was judged on Sunday 10th March.

Cardigan Welsh Corgis (102 - 10 from abroad)
Judge: Mr S. Magness

AM CH Yasashiikuma Telltail Dbledare, among the 9 dogs shortlisted for Best in Pastoral Group

CC & BOB: AM CH Yasashiikuma Telltail Dbledare - Owner: Ms L. Croft-Elliott & Mrs P. O'Donnell
Reserve CC: MultiCH Gowerston Jazzsinger for Pemcader - Owner: Mrs C. Sonberg
Best Puppy: Joseter Mr Blobby - Owner: Mr P. Clifton
CC: Ch. Joseter Popham - Owner: Mr P. Clifton
Reserve CC: Bymil Smile Please JW - Owner: Miss S.E. Taylor

Pembroke Welsh Corgis (155 - 12 from abroad)
Judge: Mrs S. Burgess

CH Stadwen Spartakus with undocked tail, standing and moving

CC & BOB: CH Stadwen Spartakus - Owner: Mr D.A. & Mrs. W. Rees
Reserve CC: Orden Keltov Chester Flirt-n-Flash - Owner: Mrs E. Osipova & Mrs. O. Rondik
Best Puppy: Craigycor Lightening Bolt - Owner: Mr A.G.S. Matthews
CC: Bronabay Cherish The Moment JW - Owner Mrs L.A. Weedall & Mrs N.A. Bogue
Reserve CC: Vuedor Black Pearl At Ermyn - Owner: Mrs. M.H. Davies

02.03.2013 - Update
Judging Tails in Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Let Rufus the Corgi show you around London
Watch the new tourism campaign from Visit London on YouTube.

17.02.2013 - Update
Short Legs and Deep Snow
Reba, the Svelte

08.02.2013 - Update
RIP Beau

03.02.2013 - Update
Size and Weight of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

31.01.2013 - Update
The Coat of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

27.01.2013 - Update
Is The Corgi becoming A Rare Breed?

24.01.2013 - Update
Royal Pet Cemetery

17.01.2013 - Update
75 Years Welsh Corgi League

11.01.2013 - Update

02.01.2013 - Update
The Snowman and The Corgi