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All through December Madame Tussauds in London had dressed the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, Princess Kate, and Prince Harry, as well as the Corgis in rather fancy Christmas sweaters.
The royal family had given permission for the exhibit as part of the Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day campaign on December 16, which provides everything from education to clean water for children around the world.
Needless to say that the waxen royal family was a great success among the public.

16.12.2016 - Update
The Short Ulna Syndrome

08.12.2016 - The Secret Life of Pets

Ever wonder what the pets you love do when you are not at home?
Great computer animations film by Illumination Entertainment (2016).
Features a corgi and lots of other breeds.

07.12.2016 - Happiness Finds Grumpy Cat
BuzzFeed presents Friskies and PetSmart

03.12.2016 - Update
A Corgi at

29.11.2016 - Advent Calendar
Please make sure to visit the Corgihouse where you can find the popular Advent Calendar starting on 1 December with a new surprise.

21.10.2015 - Sutter Brown Update
Posted on Twitter by @govpressofc (Gov. Brown Press Office):
First Dog returns to work, resumes limited office trash can inspections, rigorous nap schedule.

19.10.2016 - Concern about California's First Dog
Sutter Brown, the 13 year old Corgi of Jerry Brown, Governor of California, and his wife Anne Gust Brown, has fallen critically ill with cancer. Sutter has been a very important part of the Brown's family since 2010, as well as the governor's office family. He has since become one of the most popular figures in California politics.
Sutter's health began to quickly deteriorate on Friday, 14 October, and he underwent emergency surgery shortly thereafter. While Sutter pulled through surgery, the vets were not able to remove all of the cancer and his condition remains critical.
However, according to a tweet from Anne Gust Brown in the evening of 17 October, Sutter came home and "rolled in the grass, sniffed all his favorite places and then passed out (fell asleep)".

13.10.2016 - Update
Only one Corgi left

24.09.2016 - Update
Sue Harrison - My Life with Corgis.

18.09.2016 - New Book with Corgis

Do you remember the 2014 Corgihouse Advent Calendar? This delightful story, beautifully illustrated by Billie Stahl, can now be ordered in bookform for a short time (until 2 October 2016) at

14.09.2016 - Update
The Leslie Perrins Trophy

10.09.2016 - Star Trek and Corgis
50 years of Star Trek for Star Trek and Corgi fans by Alicia Lutes


Three "royal" Corgis in Disney's new film "The BFG" directd by Steven Spielberg.

09.08.2016 - Update
World Dog Show 2016

01.08.2016 - Corgi Races
Hilarious Corgi Races at Canterbury Park, Minnesota
6 Heats and Final with comments!!

17.07.2016 - Update
Maggie's Story

23.06.2016 - New Poem
Pawprints Left By You

22.06.2016 - Update
The Adventures of Billy Bones


Why not celebrate the Queen's official 90th birthday on 11 June 2016 with 90 Corgi pillows.

05.06.2016 - Update
Royal Gifts for Your Corgi

20.05.2016 - Update
Molly, the Search Dog

The American estate agents recruited a corgi to show prospective customers their new home on YouTube.

05.05.2016 - Update
Corgi Wrongly Accused of Indecent Behaviour

15.04.2016 - Update
Russian Police to Train Welsh Corgis as Service Dogs

08.04.2016 - Help Shelter Dogs by Viewing this Video!
(scroll down for video).
For every single view of this video Puppy Chow will donate one pound of Puppy Chow Natural to Rescue Bank®. The company will donate up to 500,000 pounds through April 23, 2016. There are many adorable Corgi puppies plus a few other breeds.

25.03.2016 - Update
Advising Her Majesty

21.03.2016 - Update
Bloat (Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus) in Dogs

20.03.2016 - Pembroke Welsh Corgi no longer at risk in Great Britain
Official pedigree dog figures show that the Pembroke Welsh corgi experienced such a boom last year that the breed is no longer at risk.
The number of Pembroke Welsh corgis had dropped so low in recent years that the Kennel Club feared they were in danger of dying out in its country of origin. Two years ago there were only 274 Pembroke Welsh corgis registered with the Kennel Club but numbers increased by more than a third in 2015 so it is no longer classed as a vulnerable native breed. Instead, it will be on the club's Watch List, which monitors breeds with less than 450 new puppies.
The Cardigan Welsh corgi, on the other hand, with only 124 registrations is still at risk in its country of origin, whereas in the Scandinavian countries the breed is much more popular than the Pembroke.
Breed registrations 2015 (2014)
Kennel Club
Cardigan 124 (118)
Pembroke 366 (274)
Danish Kennel Club
Cardigan 163 (175)
Pembroke 59 (43)
Norwegian Kennel Club
Cardigan 118 (108)
Pembroke 56 (36)
Swedish Kennel Club
Cardigan 155 (110)
Pembroke 80 (49)

15.03.2016 - Crufts - 125th Anniversary - 10-13 March 2016
Total entry 21919, the highest total since 2010 which drew 21947 dogs.

Cardigans (entered 105, absent 17)
Judge: Carol A. Smedley, GB

CC & BOB, CH Joseter Mr Blobby. Owner: Peter Clifton
Res. CC, CH Waggerland Not For Sale. Owners: C.M. Dijkhorst-Noij & L. Croft Elliott, NL
CC, CH Bymil Smile Please JW. Owner: Sarah E. Taylor
Res.CC Faarup Penny. Owners: Erik & Ilse Faarup, DK
Best Puppy, Sanja Glenrannoch. Owners: M.E. Aynscough & R.J.P. Maas

Pembroke (entered 137, absent 14)
Judge: Leif Herman Wilberg, N

CC & BOB, CH Dragonjoy Sonny Corleone. Owner: Chiara Ceredi, IT
Res.CC, CH Pemcader Thunderball. Owners K. Dover & L. Saether
Best Puppy, Pemcader Spectre. Owners K. Dover & L. Saether
CC, Andvol Kolombina. Owner: T. Zablina, RU
Res.CC, CH Dragonjoy Dream of the Stars. Owner: Chiara Ceredi, IT

26.02.2016 - Update
Rupert - 14 years and still happy despite DM

23.01.2016 - A Dog is for Life
Love at first cuddle...
A puppy should not be bought on an impulse but after careful consideration. To make the public aware of this, the Danish Kennel Club arranged a happening with TV coverage at Copenhagen Central Station on 14 October 2015. X-pens were set out on turf where the puppies of various breeds could play and rest. The event attracted wide interest among passers-by. Adults and children were allowed to pet or cuddle the puppies while the breeders and DKK representatives answered questions and gave advice. The two station policemen were so charmed by the Pembroke puppy that one day you might see a Corgi herd demonstrators and criminals!

21.01.2016 - Update
Barn Hunt - A New Sport

09.01.2016 - Update
A new puzzle has been added (at the bottom) which I hope you will enjoy.

08.01.2016 - The CardiWorld Cookbook
281 pages of recipes from Cardigan Corgi Folks Worldwide, collected by Jeffrey Welch, Cynthia Smith and Adrienne Alexander. The recipes are organized in sections each of which opens with a drawing by an artist who, of course, houses at least one Cardigan Corgi.
Vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, omnivores, picky eaters, and dogs will find plenty of temptations. The book also includes a food toxicity page contributed by Bobbie Mayer, PhD.
The recipes are contained in a loose-leaf leatherette binder. The book can be ordered from Jeffrey Welch at the price of USD 25.00 plus shipping (domestic 5$, Europe 15$) The profits go to Cardigan Rescue and CWCCA Junior Assistance Grants.