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New Royal Memorial Statue

27.04.2024- World Dog Show, Zagreb, Croatia
Cardigans - Judge: Benedicto Santos III Augusto (Philippines)
Total entries 54
Main Results


World Winner BOB ♂Major Point Tourmaline Sherl Inna Iliasova, UA
World Winner, BOS ♀ Ch. Elfborg Zandra Fairy Princess Aleksandra Bryksina, RU
Minor Puppy World Winner ♀Iris Flauer For Hause Faising Anna Borshchova, RU
Puppy World Winner ♀Aureate Rose The Hat Ioannis Rouvas, GR
Junior World Winner ♂Gandalf From House Vaising Maria Galina, RU
Junior World Winner ♀Grante From House Vaising Maria Galina, RU
Veteran World Winner ♂Easy Rider Dummles Aneta Pietrzak, PL
Veteran World Winner ♀Uszaki Let It Be Ewelina Dluzniewska, PL

Aureate Rose The Hat, Puppy World Winner 

Pembrokes - Judges: Benedicto Santos III August (PH), Skalin Bo (SE)
Total entries: 194
Main results

Andvol Entony 2nd Best Junior in Group 1

World Winner BOB ♀Stella River Diamond Rough Tatania Pdzharaya, KZ
World Winner BOS ♂Acque China Achmed Jianchao Chen, CN
Minor Puppy World Winner ♀Penny Bun Of Treowecorgi Aleksandra Vlascic, HU
Puppy World Winner ♀Bunyaview Strike It Rich Aleksandra Trefan Torok, HU
Junior World Winner
2nd Best Junior in Group 1
♂Andvol Entony Ina Strakach, BY
Junior World Winner ♀Born To Be Your Sun Also Rises Oksana Hut, UA
Veteran World Winner ♂Aethwy Piano Man Yana, Vengre-Vengerova, RU
Veteran World Winner ♀Siggen's Queen Of Spades Rita Tilley Wilberg, NO

For detailed results:

23.04.2024 - Crufts 7th-10th March 2024
Pastoral Group on 7th March

Judge: Miss T. Irving, GB

Best of Breed

Dog CC & BOB AmCh/AmGCH Ch. Blu Skyy's Ziggy Stardust
Dog R CC Handskes Just A Gigolo at Tamlin
Bitch CC AmCh. Sundance Be Still My Heart
Bitch R CC Ch. Kerman Field of Dreams
Best Puppy Waggerland Kissimmee, bitch
Best Veteran Ch. Kerman Field of Dreams, bitch

Judge: Ms. D. Davies, GB

Best of Breed and 4th in Pastoral Group

Dog CC & BOB Multi Ch. Aurorus Lunaris Ex Valhalos Sargas
Dog R CC Me GCh Pemslife Quite Impressive
Bitch CC Ch. Penliath Bill Me Later
Bitch R CC NO/SE/DK Siggen's Karamel
Best Puppy Cottivy Coronatioin Prince, dog
Best Veteran Ch. Stadwen Tinkerbell, bitch

The Caring Cardigan

Corgi retains its Welsh working instinct even in Australia

09.12.2023 - The Corgis' Christmas


Welsh Corgi Compendium
A must have for every Corgi lover. Available in English, German, French and Dutch.

Coat Colour Inheritance in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi Special Geneva 2023

World Dog Show Geneva 2023

Grand Prix Geneva 2023

Inheritance of Sable in Cardigan Welsh Corgis

04.07.2023 - European Dog Show - 18-21 May 2023 - Denmark

Reserve Best in Show was Siggen's Karamell, bitch, born 10.09.2018
(Siggen's Great Gatsby x Siggen's Queen of Diamonds)
Judge: Hanne Laine Jensen (DK)

12.03.2023 - Crufts 09-12 March 2023
Welsh Corgis (Pastoral Group) on Friday 10 March

Cardigans - Judge: Mr B M Croft
Total entries: 75

Best of Breed Am.Ch. XIV Karat Come Hell or High Water (Dr P & Ms S Mccoy & Hurst)
Dog CC Am.Ch. XIV Karat Come Hell or High Water (Dr P & Ms S Mccoy & Hurst)
Reserve Dog CC Elessar Howling Moon (Miss J Down)
Bitch CC Waggerland Honey Bee JW (Mrs Rcm Dijkhorst-Noij)
Reserve Bitch CC Ch Pi-Et-Ra of Trefilio Borntobe Avalanche JW (Miss T. Irving)
Best Puppy Ceranda Gower Charmer at Brynlluan (Mr B J & H D Essenhigh & Bishop)
Best Veteran Ch Waggerland Just Jackie (Mrs E. & Mrs R. De Kreij-Akkermans & Dijkhorst-Noij)

Ch Pi-Et-Ra of Trefilio Borntobe Avalanche
Winner of Vulnerable Breeds Competition (about 22 competitors)

Pembrokes - Judge: Mr B J Coulson
Total entries: 147 - Absentees: 17

Best of Breed It Ch. Dragonjoy Dream of The Stars (Miss C Ceredi)
Dog CC Siggen's Supersonic (Dr R T Wilberg)
Reserve Dog CC Unita Mentale Ernesto (Mrs W Mccoll)
Bitch CC It Ch Dragonjoy Dream of The Stars (Miss C Ceredi)
Reserve Bitch CC Sheena Easton Des Contamines (Mrs A & Mr S Trefan Torok & Trefan)
Best Puppy Unita Mentale Ernesto (Mrs W Mccoll)
Best Veteran It Ch Dragonjoy Dream of The Stars (Miss C Ceredi)

Looking Backward - and Forward

Deafness in Dogs
Life with a Deaf Dog

On 15 January 2023, the Danish TV2 channel showed a video of the latest Russian attack
on Dnipro, Ukraine. You can see the rescue team searching with dogs,
including a corgi, for survivants among the remains of a residential building.

Photo: Rubrika

The late Queen Elizabeth II and Paddington having tea

The Long Way Home for Christmas


In Memory of Queen Elizabeth II

Beware of Cannabis

Platinum Jubilee with Corgis

30.05.2022 - Puppy Registrations in 2021
Kennel Club (GB) Cardigans: 123 Pembrokes: 1223
The Cardigan is still listed as vulnerable breed
Danish Kennel Club Cardigans: 240 Pembrokes: 109

Bridgerton's New Star

Why a Corgi?

Corgi swims about 7 miles to shoreline

11.03.2022 - Crufts 10-13 March 2022
Welsh Corgis (Pastoral Group) on Thursday 3rd March

Cardigans - Judge: Mr. G. Hill
Total entries: 83 - Absentees: 12

Best of Breed Ch Joseter Mr Blobby (Mr P Clifton)
Dog CC Ch Joseter Mr Blobby (Mr P Clifton)
Reserve Dog CC Ch Joseter Frazer Nash (Mr P Clifton)
Bitch CC Ch Pi-Et-Ra of Trefilio Borntobe Avalanche JW (Imp Hun) (T Irving)
Reserve Bitch CC Dk Ch Balsau Corgi's Dream On Dicte (Mr M Saugmann)
Best Puppy Markados Pordios Freya for Gowerston (Imp Rus) TAF (Mr N G & Miss C M Thomas)
Best Veteran Ch Joseter Mr Blobby (Mr P Clifton)

Pembrokes - Judge: Mrs A.Sutela
Total entries: 119 - Absentees: 17

Best of Breed & 2nd in Group Ch Penliath Bill Me Later (ai) (Mrs C B & Miss N L Blance)
Dog CC Ch Wallfugh Ink to Nireno Picture (Ms Vittoria Valsecchi)
Reserve Dog CC Anwyl Tell Me When (Mr K, L & A Dover, Saether & Taylor)
Bitch CC Ch Penliath Bill Me Later (ai) (Mrs C B & Miss N L Blance)
Reserve Bitch CC Penliath Trouble in Black (Mrs C B & Miss N L Blance)
Best Puppy Twinan Hand in The Cookie Jar (Mrs K M & Miss T J Irving)
Best Veteran Ch Stadwen Florence (Miss A J Rees)

24.02.2022 - Rather Surprising Royal News
Earlier this month, Queen Elizabeth II became the proud owner of a four year old,
prize-winning Cocker Spaniel named Lissy, proving that
her love for dogs goes far beyond her adored Corgis.


20.12.2021 - The Christmas Corgi at the Stable
Lovely poem by Maggi Payne with graphic by Béatrice Quinio

20.12.2021 - New Videos
Latest from Mercedes-Benz under Commercials, and
Corgi Best Foster Mom for Baby Aninmals under Fun

04.12.2021 - Comparative Study Cardigan Welsh Corgi - Pembroke Welsh Corgi

This first illustrated comparative study is a great tool for learning the difference
between the two Welsh Corgi breeds which for "outsiders" look quite alike.
80 pages with lots of photos and drawings. Paperback.
Available in English only from (globally) from 25.00$ or 21.99€

Interview with a Royal Corgi

Willie the Corgi - in NZ TV Series

The Dog of the Fairies

Precautionary C-section for Cardigan Bitches

10.10.2021 - Queen Elizabeth has a new puppy!
According to the Sun, the monarch, 95, was gifted a 6-week-old corgi from her son Prince Andrew and his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. She was reportedly given the pet on Thursday, 10th June, what would have been her late husband Prince Philip's 100th birthday.
The news comes just a month after the death of Fergus, one of two new puppies - Fergus and Muick - given to her in February this year while Prince Philip was in the hospital. They were a surprise present from Prince Andrew in an effort to cheer her up during a very difficult period. Sadly, however, the dorgi Fergus reportedly died a month after the death on April 9 of her husband aged 99, only five months old.

The Reason Why Breeds Change
Judging and Its Affect on Breeding

Haverford West Open Show - Sept. 1934

06.07.2021 - Limitation on "hereditary clear" status
Following the announcement that The Kennel Club will limit the assignment of "hereditary clear" status of registered dogs to two generations, the organisation has announced that this change is now set to be implemented as of January 2023. The decision to restrict hereditary status was made by The Kennel Club Board in 2018 on the recommendation of the Dog Health Group, and followed a Kennel Club study, published in the journal of Canine Genetics and Epidemiology. This change was put forward to safeguard against the impact that dogs with an incorrect ‘hereditary clear’ status could have on health issues within a breed.


Available in German and French only. Edition française

Imports - Exports to UK

Early Pembroke Success in Ireland

Corgis during World War II

Corgis first time at Crufts

The Corgi as a Cattle Dog

19.05.2021 - Corgi among the 23 Easiest Dog Breeds to Take Care Of

Some dog breeds are easier to take care of than others and with the sheer variety out there, it could be puzzling to know where to start. Using information from the American Kennel Club, here is a round up of some that are generally easiest to look after.
Bichon Frisé, Bulldog, Collie, French Bulldog, Golden Retriever, Irish Setter, Labrador Retriever, Beagle, Border Terrier, Corgi, Dachshund, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Whippet, Maltese, Papillon, Miniature Schnauzer, Greyhound, Poodle, Pomeranian, Irish Wolfhound, Boxer, Tibetan Spaniel, Chihuahua.
If you would like a dog with a touch of class, you could do worse than a Corgi. A favorite of Queen Elizabeth II, the Corgi is a "bright, sensitive dog who enjoys playing with his human family and responds well to training". Despite their gorgeous looks and playful nature, the Corgi is a vigilant watchdog that comes equipped with a bark that could be easily mistaken for that of a "big dog." Corgis also make for excellent family companions.

New Breed at Crufts 1927

Cruft's Dog Show 1927

Hoopers, a new canine sport

"Doggie" Hubbard (1913-2000)


The rumour that the Queen had been given two corgis has now been confirmed.
Since March, the Monarch enjoys the company of Fergus and Muick, a corgi and a dorgi (Dachshund/corgi mix).

The Kentwood Pembrokes
The Kentwood Cardigans

A Tribute to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Early Breed Success in the USA

Houellebecq's Devotion to his Corgi

All short legs are hard to breed right

Tributes following the death of Margery Renner

Bob Llwyd - The remarkable dog from the Tregaron Hills

Pembrokeshire Corgis - Part III

The Beckrow Story (Cardigans)

Pembrokeshire Corgis by Freeman Lloyd - Part I
Pembrokeshire Corgis by Freeman Lloyd - Part II

Canine Aristocrats

UK/AmCh. Sierra Bowhit Pivot

The PWCCA formed in 1936

Difference in Temperament between Cardigan and Pembroke Corgi

The Separation of the Breeds Breed notes in the AKC Gazette 1936

Article by W. Lloyd Thomas on the early history of the Welsh Corgi
in AKC Kennel Gazette October & November 1935

29.12.2020 - Welsh Corgis in the USA
First Cardigan Welsh Corgis in the USA
The Problem Faced In Breeding Cardigan Welsh Corgis
The First Pembroke Corgis the USA

How the Corgis got the Markings from the Elves' Harness on their Coat by Bjørn Range

Hugo - A Hero Dog

My Prefix - Bridgemont

The Bowhit Pembrokes

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi - A Portrait

The Vexed Question of Size (1954)

Blue-green Algae, a Danger to Dogs

The League's Golden Jubilee (1988) 26.07.2020

Cardigans in Pembroke Pedigrees and vice versa

Change in Type - Pembroke

Kitsch, the Bed Bug Sniffer Dog


According to the American Kennel Club's ranking of the most popular dog breeds of 2019, the Labrador retriever has for the 29th year in a row kept its title as America's top dog, but the Pembroke Welsh corgi, with its stubby legs, adorable smile and even cuter butt (in the US tail docking is still allowed!), has jumped into the top 10 of America's most popular purebreds for the first time.
Brandi Hunter, the AKC's vice president of public relations and communications, said she wasn't surprised that Labs once again came in at No. 1. Corgis taking 10th place was surprising. But their increased popularity on social media and even TV appearances could have had an effect on that, she said. "I think they got a lot of exposure from pop culture, especially on social media. There are lots of accounts dedicated to corgis. You get to see them in 'The Crown,' (British TV series), but they're also really great dogs. They are a lot of dog in a little package. They're very adaptable, very smart and people tend to really fall in love with them."

24.04.2020 - Update
Dementia in Senior Dogs

05.-08.03.2020 - Crufts 2020
Cardigans (99)
Judge: Mr K. Dover, UK

CC, BOB, Best Veteran, Ch. Joseter Mr Parkinson. Owner: Peter Clifton
Res.CC, Multi Ch. Blue Skyy's Ziggy Stardust. Owner: L.N. Croft-Elliott & M. Wilson
CC, Hundahilli Veris. Owner. M.H. Greensill & S.McCalum
Res.CC, Ch. Liebehund Jakku JW. Owner: J. & J.M. Lovell
Best Puppy, Nesden Storm Cloud. Owner: F., T. & E. Snedden.
Pembrokes (135)
Judge: Mr A. Carter (USA)
CC, Dragonjoy Star Trekker. Owner: C. Ceredi
Res.CC, Best Veteran, MultiCh. Ermyn Snow Knight. Owner: M.H. Davies.
Best Puppy, Mistycor Gimme All Your Loving. Owner: Y.U. Nikitina.

CC, BOB, MultiCh. Dragonjoy Dream Of The Stars. Owner: C. Ceredi
Res.CC, Ch. Penliath Sent From Coventry. Owner: Mrs C.B, Ms N.L., Mr. W. & Mr. S. Blance, Shelton & Leyerly

The Cardigan Corgi booth at Crufts Discover Dogs have been awarded
winner of the Pastoral Group and Overall Runner Up.

The Welsh Corgi League won best pastoral group breed stand at Crufts.


British scientists have ascertained that children who daily read books achieve higher grades.

18.02.2020 - Update
Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)

14.12.2019 - Update
When Anwyl Saved the Elf's Rice Pudding - A Norwegian Christmas Story

Don't forget to visit the Corgihouse. Give it some time to watch the scene while listening to the music!!

New videos of Topi and Leo under Videos Pembroke Corgis

05.11.2019 - Update
Before Acquiring a Puppy


Photo on Facebook
Available from the Buckingham Palace Shop

26.10.2019 - Update
The Gene Causing the Short Legs in Dogs

05.10.2019 - New Book

The Corgi puppy Ralph is desperate to help Farmer Jack and Tess the Sheepdog at South Linden Farm, but he always gets into trouble. Written and beautifully illustrated by Kate Simpson. 33 pages. Available at £10 plus postage from

19.09.2019- Breed Standard Amendment for Pembroke Corgi
At its recent meeting the Board of The Kennel Club approved the following amendment:
Tail: Previously customarily docked short.
Undocked: set in line with the topline.
Natural carriage which may be above or below topline when moving or alert. Natural bobtails may occur, when the tail can be of any length, carried above or below topline when moving or alert.
Published in the Kennel Club Journal September 2019.

The Cardigan a Rare Breed in the Country of Origin

09.09.2019 - Update
The Lees Corgis

04.09.2019 - Kennel Club Press Release
From January 2022, the Kennel Club will limit the assignment of "hereditary clear" status of registered dogs to two generations. This change will be put in place to safeguard against the impact that dogs with an incorrect "hereditary clear" status could have on health issues within a breed.
This will, among others, be relevant for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi with respect to PRA.

28.08.2019 - Update
100 Years of Corgi History

18.08.2019 - Update
Porsche, the First Flyball Corgi in Germany


Fireworks - Danger

24.07.2019 - Update
Old video from Cardigan Show Classes in the Mid 1960's

17.07.2019 - Murphy the Corgi (on Facebook)
What you can teach a 5 month old Corgi

03.07.2019 - Ryzhiy, the Russian Police Dog
Ryzhiy is an 8 year old Pembroke Corgi working as sniffer dog for the Russian Police. He is the only Corgi in the Police K9 unit in the entire country. His main task is to search for illegal drugs and firearms.
In 2015, Ryzhiy became Russian obedience champion.
His owner Olga is a police woman and had originally bought him for her daughter, not planning to specially train Ryzhiy at all. But fate called when Olga needed a "special task dog"! She says Ryzhiy loves eating and playing which helps to train him to take the signal position if he finds drugs.
For 6 years he has been working at train stations and bus stops. Most police dogs "retire" at 8, but Ryzhiy is just getting started!

30.06.2019 - Euro Corgi Show 2019

Main Results

08.05.2019 - Cinema Blockbusters

05.05.2019 - WDS 2019 Shanghai

14.04.2019 - New Video
Corgi pups explore the world (Animal Planet)

30.03.2019 - Update
Corgi Cafe in Bangkok

26.03.2019 - Update
An Unusual Friendship

09.03.2019 - Crufts 2019
Pastoral Group on 8 March
Cardigan Welsh Corgi (92)
Judge: Mrs Karen Hewitt, UK

CC, BOB, CH Joseter Frazer Nash. Owner: Mr P. Clifton
Reserve CC, CH Joster Mr. Blobby. Owner: Mr P. Clifton
Best Puppy: Hundahillibullyeyana for Brynlluan. Owner: Mr B.J.Essenhigh & H.D. Bishop
CC, Liebehund Miss Muffett. Owner: Mrs J. Lovell & Mr M. J. Lovell
Reserve CC, Sanja Glenofisla by Brynlluan JW. Owner: Ms R.A. May
Best Veteran, CH Kilvroch Enchantress. Owner: Ms E. Eby & Mr M. Taylor

Pembroke Welsh Corgi (114)
Judge: Mrs E.A. MacDonald

CC, BOB, CH Pemcader Thunderball. Owner: Mr. K. Dover & L. Saether
Reserve CC, IR CH Craigycor Viva Las Vegas. Owner: Mr. .G.S. & Mrs S. J. Matthews
Best Puppy: Ermyn Snazzy Jazzy. Owner: Mrs. M.H. Davies
Best Veteran: CH/RUSS/UKR CH Ermyn Snow Knight. Owner: Mrs. M.H. Davies
CC, RUS CH Aethwy Anya. Owner: Mr. D. Prokopenko
Reserve CC, Salvenik Summer Rosebud JW. Owner: Ms Teresa Maddox

28.01.2019 - Update
Interview with Stephen King


Cartoon by Béatrice Quinio.

11.12.2018 - Jubilee

This short video has nothing to do with the new animation film "The Queen's Corgi"


Don't forget to visit the Corgihouse Advent Calendar, starting today. This year with delicious baking recipes.

10.11.2018 Love makes a family
Ever since mom left to work overseas, my grandpa took care of me.
He stood as both my father and my mother.
It's a good thing my grandpa is cool.
When we take a bath it's always like a party.
Everyday we play at the park.
We also enjoy movie marathons.
My favorites are superhero movies.
It's really a good thing I grew up with him because he loves me so much.
I wish I could tell him how much I love him...
(The camera reveals why the narrator is off-stage)

Love makes family (mp4)


A German Shepherd, a Poodle and a Corgi died. All three stood before God on his throne, who asked them what they believed.
The Shepherd said "I believe in discipline, training and loyalty to my master." God said "Come and sit by my right side."
The Poodle said: "I believe in the love, care of my master and world peace!" God said "Come and sit at my left side."
The Lord then looked at the Corgi who said "I believe you're sitting in my place!"

27.10.2018 - Update
Queen mourns the death of Whisper

22.10.2018 - Update
Hanna, the Corgigator


Henry. The Queen's Corgi by Georgie Crawley. 2017. During a trip to London, Henry the pet Corgi goes missing and ends up in the private park of Buckingham Palace. A funny and heart-warming novel for Christmas. 320 p. available from Amazon.

12.10.2018 - The Queen's Corgi

Official teaser trailer of the animation film to be released in February 2019.

08.10.2018 - The derpiest dogs hit the streets of D.C.

On Sunday 7 October, Washington, D.C. hosted the "Million Corg March" for the fifth annual "Derpin' in D.C." corgi meetup. The corgis (and their two-legged companions) marched from the Jefferson Memorial to the Washington Monument to mingle and play. It was probably the largest corgi meetup in the DMV area for the year.

16.09.2018 - Update
The Inventor of the Canine Wheelchair

New photos under Dock Diving

16.08.2018 - Update
Corgi stays close to owner during labor

15.08.2018 - Update

Surfin' USA

12.08.2018 - Update
Main results World Dog Show 2018 with Benelux Winner and Speciality

09.08.2018 Update
Mein results Euro Corgi Show 2018

07.08.2018 - Update
Added two older AKC breed videos about the Pembroke and Cardigan.

04.08.2018 - Update
AKC meet the breeds - Video about the Pembroke Corgi.
You can find the link under Videos

27.06.2018 - Update
Lost Corgi goes viral on Twitter

06.06.2018 - New Poem
A Secret Shared

05.06.2018 - Update
Animal Telepathic Communication

01.06.2018 - Update
Lymphoma in Corgis

26.05.2018 - Paulownia Urns

These pretty wooden urns with a pewter nameplate and removable base can hold the ashes of up to a 30 pounds pet.
They are available from, but don't ship internationally. Sometimes they are also on offer on by "nrcllc" (seller in the USA, international shipment).

22.05.2018 - Update
What Kind of Dwarf are We?

19.05.2018 - Royal Corgi Wedding in New York City

Photos and video on

17.05.2018 - All you need to know about the Queen's favourite dog

Cardigan Corgis are said to be particularly empathic!


Best dressed winners at the annual fundraising event "Bark in the Park" held in Prattville, Alabama, in May 2018

02.05.2018 - Update
Big Friendly Giant - Movie Premiere Garden Party

29.04.2018 - Update
Around with Edward and Mungo - 4


21.04.2018 - Puppy Goes Shopping To Target

19.04.2018 - Corgi sighting
Short corgi appearance in Samsung S9 Official TVC:

18.04.2018 - The last Corgi is gone
Photo: Annie Leibovitz, 2016
Willow (top left), the Queen's last corgi who was almost 15, was put to sleep at Windsor Castle on Sunday. He had a cancer-related illness and the Queen did not want him to suffer further. The other Corgi, Holly, died 18 months ago. Willow's death brings to an end a remarkable history between the Queen and corgis dating back more than eight decades. Willow was the last direct descendant from Susan, a birthday present for her 18th birthday. It's truly the end of an era. No wonder the Queen is left heartbroken. The only ones left are now the two Dorgis Vulcan and Candy.

11.04.2018 - The Cowboy Corgi

A cross between Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) and Corgi!! Not recognized by AKC, KC and FCI.

09.04.2018 - New video
Joy Williams of Vuedor Corgis shares her passion for Corgis on That's Swansea Bay TV

01.04.2018 - Vermont Fish & Wildlife (Facebook)

Vermont Fish & Wildlife is excited to announce that we are reinstating the little-known "Corgi Reintroduction Program." Biologists previously attempted to reintroduce this native species in 1969, but the effort failed.
Corgis will be released throughout Vermont in the hopes that they will establish a thriving wild population. They were once a top predator feared even by mountain lions, but their population was decimated in the early 20th Century due to a captive-breeding program for the British Monarchy.

31.03.2018 - Corgi runs for University President

28.03.2018 - New commercial video with Corgi
Stainmaster - For less slipping and sliding

27.03.2018 - Update
The Royal Corgis (1952)


"The Windsor Lady" in Bachelors Acre, Windsor. The statue is the work of Lydia Karpinska and was officially unveiled on 15 January 2015.

22.03.2018 - Update
The Original Corgi
The Geler Cardigans

20.03.2018 - Animation Film Release

Apollo Films Distribution in Paris announce that the film "Royal Corgi" will be released on 6 February 2019. See News of 12.01.2018.

09.03.2018 - Crufts 2018
For the 4 days from 8-11 March about 21'000 dogs, representing more than 200 breeds, are entered of which 3623 dogs come from abroad (48 different countries).
08.3.2018 - Pastoral Group
Shortlisted were the Australian Shepherd, Bearded Collie, Border Collie, Smooth Collie, Polish Lowland, Samoyed and both the Pembroke and Cardigan Corgi out of a total of 33 breeds. Best in Group was The Border Collie with the Pembroke Corgi as Reserve.
Cardigan Welsh Corgi (90)
Judge: Mrs Thelma Taylor, GB

CC, BOB, CH Joseter Mr Blobby. Owner: Mr P. Clifton, GB
Res.CC, Joseter Frazer Nash. Owner: Mr. P. Clifton, GB
CC, Major Point Janie's Got A Gun. Owner: Mrs. N. Mayorova, RU
Res.CC, DK CH Blondie's Eupton Blue Girl. Owner: Mrs L. Mølller & K. Vigsø Nielsen, DK
Best Puppy, Kilvroch Mystikos For Millermead. Owner: Mrs. H.M. Head, GB
Pembroke Welsh Corgi (139)
Judge: Mrs Sarah Taylor, GB

CC, BOB & Reserve Best in Group, CH Pemcader Thunderball. Owner: Mr K. Dover & L Saether, GB
Res. CC, CH/RUSS/UKR CH Ermin Snow Knight. Owner: Mrs M. Davies, GB
CC Penliath Sent To Conventry. Owner: Mrs C.B., Miss N.L, Mr W. & Dr. R. Blance, Shelton & W, GB
Res.CC CH Cherastayne Snow Bride JW. Owner: Miss L. Roberts, GB
Best Puppy, Vuedor Gentle Breeze. Owner: Mrs. M. Davies & Mrs J. Williams. GB

25.02.2018 - 4 videos uploaded
Corgis doing what they were bred for (mp4)
Cardigan Welsh Corgi - All about Herding
Topi the Corgi alone at home
Topi the Corgi on Tinder date

With 205 registrations in 2017, the Cardigan Corgi now ranks as number 20 on the list of the 20 most popular dog breeds in Denmark and shares this position with the Danish Swedish Farm Dog.
Registered Pembrokes: 60

13.02.2018 - Westminster 12-13 February 2018
The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is an all-breed conformation show that has been held in New York City annually since 1877.
Cardigan BOB and 2nd in Herding Group GCHP CH Aubrey's Tails Of Mystery (bitch)
Pembroke BOB GCH CH Coventry Allure At Wyndstar (bitch)

11.02.2018 - Has Netflix saved the Corgi?
When Netflix commissioned The Crown, the most expensive TV series ever made, the fortunes of an old Welsh dog breed were hardly at the forefront of their minds. But the popularity of the series, which broadcast its second season last year, has inadvertently led to a resurgence in searches for the endangered Welsh corgi. According to the Kennel Club, interest in the Queen's favourite dog breed shot up by 22 per cent last year, with registrations of corgis rising from 393 in 2016 to 456 last year. In 2014, when they were put on the club's endangered breeds list, just 274 were registered in the UK.
In season 2, one scene depicting the visit to Buckingham Palace of President John F Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline Kennedy - regarded as one of the most stylish women in the world at the time - the Queen (Claire Foy) and the First Lady (Jodi Balfour) are seen surrounded by several Corgis.

01.02.2018 - Two poems added (Kleenex alert)
Waiting at the Door
Today you did the bravest thing


One of Ben Stassen's Brussels-based nWave most creatively ambitious projects to date is the upcoming 3D animated adventure tale "The Queen's Corgi" written by Rob Sprackling and Johnny Smith. Budgeted at more than $20 million, the film follows the adventure of Rex, the British monarch's most beloved dog, who loses track of his mistress and stumbles across a fight club with dogs of all kinds confronting each other. During his epic journey to find the queen again, Rex falls in love and discovers his true self.
The film will be in the spirit of Disney's canine classics such as "The Fox and the Hound" and "Lady and the Tramp" and is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2019.

06.12.2017 - Update
A corgi-sized hole in our hearts

30.11.2017 - Corgihouse Advent Calendar

Starting tomorrow 1st Decemnber. Don't miss it, it's online one day only at the time.


This poster with a candidate and his corgi was the winner of Altinget's competition
among election posters in connection with the recent Danish municipal and regional elections.

16.11.2017 - Update
Mobility & Health
All about DM, IVDD, Arthritis, etc.

15.11.2017 - Update
Corgi Snow Party

14.11.2017 - Update
Illustrated Cardigan Breed Standard

9-12 Nov. 2017 - World Dog Show Leipzig
Over 31'000 entries.
Judge: Petru Muntean, RO
Entered: 94
BOS & JWW-17, Waggerland Texas Two Step. Owner: Dijkhorst-Noij Rachel & V.D. Weerdt Wilma, NL
WW-17, CACIB, Telltail King's Ransom. Owner: Croft-Elliott Lisa & Harlow Robert & Odonnell Paula, GB
VWW-17, Cool Breezer For Jazenta Gaucho. Owner: Gzowacki Dariusz, PL
BOB & VWW-17, Floatin' Helen Heilin. Owner: Dijkhorst-Noij Rachel, NL
WW-17, CACIB, Zhacardi Gilala. Owner: Zhludova A., RU
JWW-17, Dannidaks Plantagenet Matilda. Owner: Fedorova Liubov, CH
Best Breeders Group: Gaucho. Owner: Gzowacki Dariusz, PL
Judge: Ozan Belkis, TR
Entered: 112
BOS, WW-17, CACIB, Wallfugh Ink To Nireno Picture. Owner: Valsecchi Vittoria, IT
VWW-17, Andvol Pinkerton. Owner: Shuvalova Olga, RU
JWW-17, Siggen's Domino. Owner: Wilberg Rita Tilley, NO
BOB & WW-17, CACIB, Siggen's Queen Of Spades. Owner: Wilberg Rita Tilley, NO
VWW-17, Filastroccacinderella. Owner: Elena Pieroni, IT
JWW-17, Yanstuk De Monpansie. Owner: Orlova Elena, RU
Best Puppy, Andvol Shade. Owner: Volkova M.V., RU
Best Breeders Group: Andvol. Owner: Andrianov & Volkova M. & M.A., RU
Best Brace: Andvol Marshal/Siggen's Queen Of Spades. Owner: Wilberg Rita Tilley, NO

07.11.2017 - Update
Fawn and Cream Pembroke Corgis

01.11.2017 - Update
The Last Goodbye

30.10.2017 - Update
How Poppy Came to Me

04.10.2017 - Update
Sad End for a Corgi in China

30.09.2017 - Update
Two cute videos added to Videos under "Fun"

26.08.2017 - Update
Corgis of Ukraine

22.08.2017 - Update
Looking Back - A History of the Welsh Corgi

Watch Winny the Corgi, Instagram's Rising Star on
The Telegraph (Video)

24.07.2017 - Has the Queen Adopted a New Corgi?
It appears Queen Elizabeth isn't quite finished with her corgis after all. Despite saying that she did not want to take on any additional pets back in 2015, she has - reportedly - adopted a new dog: a nine-year-old corgi named Whisper.
Whisper belonged to the late Bill Fenwick, who served as Sandringham's gamekeeper, and the Queen took him (and a Bichon Frise) for walks when Bill passed away in January. The Queen was close with Bill and his wife who died several years ago. The Fenwicks often kept and trained the Queen's corgis. It's even said that they were given a two-story home so that the corgis could practice going up and down stairs in anticipation on getting on and off airplanes. After the Fenwicks did so much for her dogs, it seems natural that she might welcome Whisper into the fold which at present comprises Willow the corgi and the dorgis Vulcan and Candy.

05.07.2017 - Update
Nate's Second Chance in Life

29.06.2017 - Update
Otis Mooney of California

31.05.2017 - Colouring Books for Adults
For quite some years, colouring books have been a trend among adults. Here is a selection of colouring books with Corgis:
Susan Alison: Corgis Rule!
100 pages, paperback, US$9.99/£6.95

Kerri Wood Thomson: Corgis on Vacation
32 pages, paperback, US$6.99/£5.32

Katie Fiete: Corgis Coloring: Adventures with Scamp
52 pages, paperback, US$8.99

Mega Media Depot: Cardigan Welsh Corgi
90 pages, paperback, US$19.97/£15.36.
The books are available from: or

20.05.2017 - Update
Ein echter Assistenzhund

20.05.2017 - Update
A True Service Dog

03.05.2017 - Update
Photos and Videos of Corgis and Cats

01.05.2017 - Registrations (incl. imports) 2016 & 2015
United Kingdom 2016 2015
Cardigan 124 218
Pembroke 366 393
Cardigan 174 158
Pembroke 83 38
Cardigan 214 155
Pembroke 99 80
Cardigan 106 118
Pembroke 56 68
Cardigan 277 285
Pembroke 395 246
Cardigan 82 100
Pembroke 100 79
Cardigan 0 0
Pembroke 21 21

26.03.2017 - Update
Two new online puzzles added

20.03.2017 - Update
Is a Corgi the Right Dog for You?

13.03.2017 - Crufts 2017
This year, Crufts drew a total entry of 21'790 dogs of which 3'469 came from overseas. Judging of the Pastoral Group took place on Sunday 12 March.

Cardigans: 101 entered (20 from overseas)
Judge: Mr. A. Wright, UK

BOB, CC & 3rd in Group: CH Joseter Mr Blobby - Owner: Mr P. Clifton
RES.CC: RUS/ARG/CYP/GI/RSM/TWN/AZ/GEO/FIN CH Blondie's Next Generation Blondies [ATC AR02286DNK] - Owner: Mrs O. Shilova & Mrs O. Shuvalova
BEST PUPPY: Wildcard Ace At Nanaimo - Owner: Miss M. Apperley
CC: AMGCH Aubrey's Tails Of Mystery [ATC AQ00328USA] - Owner: Mr & Mrs V. Savioli & Mrs S. Hurst
RES.CC: CH/AM/LUX /RO GCH Coedwig's Love With The Safety Off [ATC AT00381USA] - Owner: L. Croft-Elliott & B. Arruda

Pembrokes: 136 entered (11 from overseas)
Judge: Mrs M.H. Davies, UK

BOB, CC: CH Pemcader Thunderball (NBT) - Owner: Mr K. Dover & Mr L. Saether
RES.CC: INT/NORD CH Siggens's Pusjkin [ATC AR01126NOR] - Owner: Mrs R.T. Wilberg
BEST PUPPY: Twinan Dip Yer Butty - Owner: Mrs K.M. & Miss T.J. Irving
CC: CH Stadwen Florence - Owner: Miss A. J. Rees
RES.CC: CH Penliath Confused Dotcom - Owner: Mrs C.B. & Miss N.L. Blance

06.03.2017 - New FCI-standard for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi
As from 7 February 2017 the colours and white markings are defined as follows:
Accepted colours are blue merle, brindle, red, sable, tricolour with bridle points and tri colour with red points. All of the above with or without typical white markings on head, neck chest, underparts, legs and feet, white tail tip. White should not predominate on body or head where it should never surround the eyes. Nose and eye rims must be black. Liver and dilute colours highly undesirable.

25.02.2017 - Update
Missing on Arrival

31.01.2017 - Update
Von Willebrand's Disease

30.01.2017 - Update
Retinal Dysplasia

27.01.2017 - Update
In Memoriam: Diva

22.01.2017 - Corgi in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Holistic detective Dirk Gently investigates cases involving the supernatural in new TV Series.
Official trailer:
More info:
1st season on DVD, 2nd season on Netflix

17.01.2017 - Update
Christchurch's Corgis


06.01.2017 - A Dog's Purpose
A Dog's Purpose is an American comedy-drama film directed by Lasse Hallström. It is based on the 2010 novel of the same name by W. Bruce Cameron and shares the soulful and surprising story of one devoted dog who after his death is reincarnated in a new dog, among them as Pembroke Corgi, whereby he finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he teaches to laugh and love.
The film is scheduled to be released on January 27, 2017, by Universal Pictures.
Official trailer:

02.01.2017 - First Dog of California Died at 13

Sutter Brown, the Pembroke corgi belonging to California's Governor Jerry Brown became ill in October and underwent emergency surgery. However, a particularly aggressive form of cancer could not be entirely removed.
Sutter returned home, and to the Governor's Office. He was outside the Governor's Mansion to greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween, and accompanied the governor to vote on Election Day.
But in recent days his health had deteriorated rapidly and it was decided to let him go. On 30 December, he passed away peacefully with the Governor and First Lady at his side and was laid to rest at the family ranch in Colusa County.
Sutter is survived by Colusa Lucy Brown, who joined the Browns as a puppy in 2015. The Governor's Office said she would assume Sutter's duties as first dog.