WDS Shanghai 2019

This year, the World Dog Show was held in China despite some controversy among the FCI member countries. There were five other shows held over four days (30 April - 3 May) in the same venue and the total entry was 7,720 (170 breeds) for the six events. For the World Dog Show itself 1,561 dogs were entered.

APAC Championship Show (CACIB)
Shanghai Winner Show (CAC) (Incl. Chinese Breeds Specialties Group Show)

Eastern China Championship Show (CAC)

BIS Baby: Pembroke (name and owner??)
BIS 4: Pembroke Ch. Numina Kicking The Show

CKU International Championship Show (CACIB)

BIS: Pembroke Multi Ch. Numina Kicking The Show.
China-bred with American parents (Comment by Simon Parsons)

China APAC Championship Show (CAC)

WDS Shanghai 2019 (CACIB)
For the WDS 3 Cardigans (no results) and 49 Pembrokes were entered.
The Pembrokes were judged by Gopi Krishnan (MYS), Luis Catalan (PRT) dogs/BOB and Denis Kuzelj (BGR) bitches.

BIS: Pembroke Multi Ch. Realline Final Boss owned by Kim Jong Oh from Korea
This beautiful dog has a great show record including a big BIS under Sigurd Wilberg,
and has been shown successfully by his owner in the US.
His pedigree mixes Japanese, American, Italian and Australian lines. (Comment by Simons Parsons).
4th Junior in Group: Pembroke Yushen Narim (female) owned by Chen Jianchac

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