Hoopers, a New Caninen Sport

Hoopers is a dog agility sport that is very popular in America (NADAC North American Dog Agility Council) and the UK and is now becoming popular in Europe.

Hoopers is ideal for dogs and owners of all ages and fitness levels. It is especially suitable for younger dogs (from the age of 6 months) as an early introduction to their agility training as it develops speed and skill, plus it is great exercise and mental stimulation for older and/or retired agility dogs.

Hoopers involves dogs to run at a distance from their handler, as they are guided around a course of hoops, barrels and tunnels as in agility, but the courses are flowing and don't involve jumps or tight turns - making it accessible for everyone! Hoopers is focused on the ability of dog and owner to work together at a distance as a smooth-flowing team so it's a great bonding activity too.

Luise Pfalzgraf and her Cardigan bitch Lunettes
are among the first teams in Bavaria to start in the H2 class (2nd level).

The North American Dog Agility Council