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Breed - Rasse - Race

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

AKC Meet the Breeds - Pembroke Corgi
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AKC Dog Breed Series - Pembroke Welsh Corgi (older video)

Corgwn Sir Benfro
This documentary from 1956 is available on DVD (PAL format) at £5.00 + shipping.
It runs for 20 minutes and its age is obvious. However, it is still of great interest as it clearly shows how much the Pembroke Corgi has changed during the almost 60 years since the making of the film.
The DVD can be ordered from Mr. J.G. Taylor, e-mail:,

Joy Williams of Vuedor Corgis shares her passion for Corgis on That's Swansea Bay TV

Diana King (Welsh Corgi League) talks about Corgis

All The Queen's Corgis

The Loyal Royals: The Queen's Corgis
Disclaimer: This video does not feature the actual Queen Elizabeth or her corgis.

90th Birthday Greetings to Her Majesty the Queen from 90 Welsh Corgis.

Corgis 101: Everything you need to know about Queen Elizabeth's favorite dog

Leo - A Corgi in France (more of Leo on YouTube)
Leo Exploring the Bath Tub

Leo's First Year

Topi the Corgi (more of Topi on YouTube)

Murphy the Corgi (on Facebook)

What you can teach a 5 month old Corgi puppy

Ryzhiy, the Russian Police Sniffer Dog

Corgi pups explore the world (Animal Planet)

Corgis doing what they were bred for
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Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Old Video of Cardigans from Mid 1960's

AKC Dog Breed Series - Cardigan Welsh Corgi (older video)

Cardigan Welsh Corgi All about Herding

Young Cardigan driving the cows to the pasture (Sweden) (3:48 min.)

DOG BREED: Cardigan Welsh Corgi (22:51)
All about this very versatile breed and interviews with both British and American breeders/owners. There is a short dropout between 1:32 and 1:43.
This video, which is identical with the film from Animal Planet: Breed All About It Season 2, Episode 9: Cardigan Welsh Corgi, is also available on DVD from
Note: In Europe viewable on computer only!

Dogs 101 Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Breed portrait including the story of King Tut who saved his diabetic owner's life.

Commercials - Werbung - Publicité

Latest Mercedes-Benz commercial - Estate Agents

Visit London - Find Rufus
The corgis in the film are Ella, Carina and Gina belonging to Maria Carter.

"Ma'amite" - Either love it or hate it!

IKEA Corgi Dog

Olympics London 2012 Opening

The Freeview HD Corgi Advert
The film the second Corgi was watching on TV was Rage At Dawn from 1955.

Les Schwab Batteries
Sled Corgis

Pedigree Dentastix

Purina Pro Plan

McVitie's Digestives

Purina Beggin' Party Poppers

Corgi Rap Music Video

The Body Shop Canada

Ever wonder how the Queen is treated on Mother's Day?

A Regal Corgi Tea Party

Happiness Finds Grumpy Cat

BuzzFeed presents Friskies and PetSmart

Stainmaster - Flooring for less slipping and sliding

Samsung Galaxy S9 Official TVC:

Fun - Spass - Amusement

Queen Elizabeth II and Paddington having tea

Corgi Best Foster Mom for Baby Animals


This short video has nothing to do with the new animation film "The Queen's Corgi"

Puppy goes shopping to Target

Corgi runs for University President

Corgi Snow Party

Cute puppy with mini pumpkin

Tri puppy with yellow ball

Winny the Corgi - Instamgram's Rising Star

Watch video on

The True Prince of Wales
Listen to this beautiful song by Nancy Simmonds on You Tube
The lyrics can also be found under Poems
Watch in 4 minutes what took Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes 4 days to make: a sculpted dog cake for her father's 60th birthday, owner of a Labradoodle.
Betrachten Sie in 4 Minuten was 4 Tage gebraucht hat: ein Kuchen in der Form eines Hundes (Labradoodle) zum 60. Geburtstag des Vaters der Gestalterin Elisa Strauss von Confetti Cakes

Tatler UK Magazine Corgi Cover Interview Prior to the Birth of the Royal Baby

Corgi Puppy Playing With Pumpkin

Cooper and the Doorstopper

The Energizer Bunnies - Video by Shelley Camm, Yasashiikuma Cardigans, Canada

Cardigan puppies at 6 weeks old herding the cat

At the Beach

Corgi Flop

Cardigan trying to herd fish

Clever Corgi

Corgi in the Water Park

Short-legged dogs in deep snow

Sparky's Keltic Kibble Dance

With a little help from my friends

Guiness Record Corgi Cake

Wheelcorgis at the Beach>

Pawsome tricks performed by Napoleon the Corgi

Pilates for Dogs

Corgi Christmas Parade in Middleburgh

Hundreds of Videos for Corgi (Pembroke) Addicts

Corgi Races at Canterbury Park, Minnesota, on 30 July 2016
6 Heats and Final with comments!!

Star Trek and Corgis (08.09.2016: 50 years of Star Trek)

Pool Party

Photos and videos of Corgis and Cats



Porsche, the First Flyball Corgi in Germany

Surfin USA

Dog Dancing
Heelwork to Music with Cardigan Corgi

Lance the Corgi Tricks - on YouTube, absolutely amazing!

Lure Coursing


Corgi on Wheels - The Story of Winston

Mr Bee herding goats

Jackie herding cattle for the first time


Nine Things Corgis Control With The Power of Their Minds (and one they don't!)
The Daily Corgi

Corgis With Long Tails Are Adorable

40 Things That Make Corgis Happy

140+ Corgis Having A Beach Party - April 2013

318 Corgis Throwing A Beach Party - July 2013