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31.12.2015 - Update
The Nose of Tralee

29.12.2015 - Update
You D'ont See Many Corgis Now - Poem

27.12.2015 - Update
Around with Edward - 3

In November 2015 The Kennel Club has altered the breed standard for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi as follows:
Colour: Acceptable colours are blue merle, brindle, red, sable, tri colour with brindle points and tri colour with red points.
All of the above with or without the typical white markings on head, neck, chest, underparts, legs and feet, white tail tip. White should not predominate on body or head where it should never surround the eyes. Nose and eye rims must be black. Liver and dilute colours highly undesirable.

It will probably be a while before the FCI-standard is altered accordingly.


19.12.2015 - Update
Christmas Wish A poem by Maggi Payne

14.12.2015 - Update
Queen Meets Corgi at Battersea Dogs' & Cats Home

11.12.2015 - Update
A Dog's Fairy Tale of Christams

09.12.2015 - Update
White Markings in the Pembroke and Cardigan Corgi

02.12.2015 - Update
Corgi Goes Missaing in Texas, Turns up in Hawaii

22.11.2015- Update
The Importance of Temperament in the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

16.11.2015 - Update
A Happy Dog's Bedtime Prayer

02.11.2015 - Update
Fawn and Cream Pembroke Corgis

07.10.2015 - A Regal Corgi Tea Party

28.09.2015 - Update
Leave it! Training your dog to leave other animals alone.
Added important link to Blue Merle Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Fact vs. Fiction - A guide to educate before you buy.

15.09.2015 - Update
When is it time to let go?


This advert was part of a campaign in 2014 when the slogan "France is in the Air" was interpreted by the Argentine photographers Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello.

10.09.2015 - Update
Variations in Breed Type

03.09.2015 - Update
Margo Parsons - Obituary

22.08.2015 - Update
Around with Edward - 2

Oscar's Bucket List

Minnesota family creates Bucket List for their pet corgi aged 11 years with only few months left to live after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

17.08.2015 - Update
Laila Moore - Obituary

12.08.2015 - Update
The Way to Success in the Show Ring

08.08.2015 - Corgi Puppies in Harper's Bazaar Fashion Magazine

Balletcor Springs Harmony & Balletcor Red Gauntlet,
litter sister and brother photographed for Harper's Bazaar Accessories by Paul Zak
Bag and clutch by Anya Hindmarch

29.07.2015 - Update
Bobtail Breeding

24.07.2015 - The Queen's Corgis in Vanity Fair (UK edition)
The August 2015 issue of Vanity Fair contains an illustrated feature on the Queen's corgis
and the private history of Her Majesty's kennels by Michael Joseph Gross.
View online: Queen Elizabeth and Her Corgis
Read also the Obituary for Leila Moore

18.07.2015 - Update
The Queen's Final Corgis?
The Loyal Royals (Video does not feature the actual Queen Elizabeth or her corgis)

08.07.2015 - Update
Milou's American Adventure - Part III

30.06.2015 - Update
Heelwork to Music

29.6.2015 - World Dog Show Milano (I)
10-14 June 2015
"World Hope 2015" this title shall be awarded to the best dog and bitch with the qualification of "1st very promising" in Puppy Class.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi (34)
Judge: Gerard Jipping (NL)
BOB CACIB dog WW-2015 Waggerland Keep Smiling Dijkhorst-Noij Rachel (NL)
BOS CACIB bitch, CAC bitch WW-2015 Waggerland Kiss This Dijkhorst-Noij Rachel (NL)
CAC dog   Waggerland Not For Sale Dijkhorst-Noij Rachel (NL)
BOB junior JWW-2015 Pluperfect Merrymoon Pathfinder Anna Zhludova (RU)
BOS junior JWW-2015 Beryllos You Love Mistycor Afonina Natalia (RU)
BOB puppy HWW-2015 Porzio Blu Oltremare Di Wallfugh Valsecchi Vittoria (IT)
Best breeder   Uszaki Zalewska Magdalena (PL)
Best brace   All Trade Gone Fishing Masyagina Svetlana (RU)
Pembroke Welsh Corgi (91)
Judge Andrew Brace (UK)
BOB CACIB dog WW-2015 Balmy Winds Jp Jake Maeda Toshiko (JP)
BOS CACIB bitch, CAC bitch WW-2015 Dragonjoy Dream Of The Stars Ceredi Chiara (IT)
CAC dog   Laif Spring Major Point Masyagina Svetlana (RU)
BOB junior JWW-2015 Style Life Jameson Gold Kuznetsova Anna (RU)
BOS junior JWW-2015 Pemslife Fame And Fortune Zuccotti Alessandro (IT)
BOB veteran VWW-2015 Andvol Pinkerton Shilova Olga (RU)
BOS veteran VWW-2015 Dragonjoy Energy Of Life Vigliani Riccardo (IT)
BOB puppy HWW-2015 Aethwy Anya (N/B) Prokopenko Dmitry (RU)
BOB minor puppy   Nireno Hob Nob Van Eeghen & Mcgregor Suzanna & Caron (GB)
BOS minor puppy   Aureus Aures Afrodyta Pieńkowska Izabella (PL)
Best breeder   Ceredi Chiara Ceredi Chiara (IT)
Best brace   Andvol Mercury Sidorenko Raisa (RU)


Mural with Corgi, spotted in Wilmington, Ohio. Photo: Béatrice Quinio.

22.05.2015 - Corgi Sighting!

Trailer of the new 3D animation film "Minions" starting on 10 July 2015 (USA)

09.05.2015 - Update
Interview with the late Mr. Derek Rayne - famous all breed judge and breeder of Pembroke Corgis.

04.05.2015 - Update
Dilly at Dulles Airport

03.05.2015 - Mother's Day
Ever wonder how the Queen is treated on Mother's Day? (Video from The Body Shop Canada)

25.04.2015 - Update
Litte Big Pup
My Old Friend (Poem)

17.04.2015 - 500 corgis invade California beach

A California beach was invaded over the weekend of 11-12 April 2015 by a terrifyingly cute horde of waddling corgis.
Around 500 of the fluffy, stubby pooches scampered onto Huntington Beach for the annual So Cal Corgi Beach Day, immediately melting the hearts of all humans there. Fans could hardly contain their excitement, tweeting and Instagramming the corgi orgy.
According to organizers, only 12 corgis attended the first Beach Day in 2012. But this time, the corgis were spread over nearly a mile of the coastline. With corgis coming from all over the country.


This cartoon appeared in the Birmingham Evening Mail after an American astronaut called at Buckingham Palace and presented a moon rocket for Prince Andrew. Welsh cartoonist Lewis Williams said: "I know perfectly well that the Queen's corgis are Pembrokes, but personally I prefer the ones with tails. Cartoonists get familiar with so many jokes, and I can never get out of my mind the one about "Every dog has his day, but a dog without a tail has a weekend."
Found in The Cardigan News-Bulletin 1972.

30.03.2015 - Update
Memories of a Kennel Maid

21.03.2015 - Update
Corgi race to "reveal" the name of the next British royal baby

07.03.2015 - Crufts 2015
Pastoral Group: Friday, 6 March

Cardigans total entries 87; from abroad 14; absent 14)
Judge: Mrs A.S. Benson (UK)

CC & BOB: CH Joseter Mr Blobby. Owner: Peter Clifton
RES.CC: NUCH/SUCH Cardigarden's Found My Nemo. Owner: Elisabeth C. Waksvik
Best Puppy: Gowerston Grand Joins Kogarahs. Owner: V.A. Roberts
CC: CH Bymil Smile Please, JW. Owner: Sarah E. Taylor.
RES.CC: NCH/SCH Pemcader Swanpool, Aphrodite. Owner: Christine Sonberg

Pembrokes (total entries 155; from abroad 16; absent 23)
Judge: Mr J. Burgess (AUS)
CC: H Stadwen Spartakus. Owner: D.A. & W. Rees
RES.CC: CH/IRCH Craigycor Lightening Bolt. Owner: A.G.S. & S.J. Matthews.

CC & BOB: Vuedor Black Pearl at Ermyn. Owner: Mary H. Davies
RES.CC: CH Cherastayne Ouija Board. Owner: L.J. Roberts
Best Puppy: Balletcors Own Maiden from Arizona. Owner: S. & S. Bale

05.03.2015 - Update
A Visit from Beyond

18.02.2015 - New books for children and Corgi fans

The Adventures of Annika - ISBN 978-1-909730-06-9
The Cardigan puppy Annika meets her new owner and the fearsome cat, Edward. Learn about Annika's new life in the country. (Based on the book "Just Annika"

Annika Meets The Queen. A bedtime story for Prince George. ISBN 978-1-909730-05-2
Annika, the Cardigan corgi, sets off with her friends to visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace. There are plenty of surprises in store - for the Queen and Annika.
Both books are written by Vivien Saunders and illustrated by Christine Muckle. Published by Abbotsley Publishing in 2014. Price £7.99 each plus postage. They can be ordered by e-mail to Vivien Saunders.

17.02.2015 - Update
Amazing Ella and Her Many Lives

12.02.2015 - Update
Around with Edward

31.01.2015 - Update
How old is your dog in human years?

29.01.2015 - Update
The Rainbow Bridge Poem
Two Kinds of Heaven

10.01.2015 - Update
Milou's American Adventure - Part II