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News 2012

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
Katy and Tucker. Photos by Marcia, USA

With this poem by Maggi Payne I wish you all a Merry Christmas.
The Christmas Corgis' Flight


If I said you had a beautiful body ...
would you share that hamburger with me?

16.12.2012 - Update
The 12 Days of Corgi Christmas

01.12.2012 - Update
A-Z of festive best behaviour for dogs!

28.11.2012 - Update
Is My Dog In Pain?


04.11.2012 - Update
A Rare Case of Cryptic Merle

25.10.2012 - Update
Dystocia in Pembroke Corgis (C-section)

03.10.2012 - Update
Immun-mediated Haemolytic Anaemia (IMHA) - A life-threatening disease

26.09.2012 - Update
Early-Morning Vomiting

22.09.2012 - Update
Charles de Gaulle's Corgis

09.09.2012 - Death of Monty
Monty, one of the Queen's corgis, which appeared with her in the James Bond sketch for the Olympics opening ceremony, has died aged 13. He was previously owned by the Queen Mother and was named after Monty Roberts, the American subject of a BBC documentary, A Real Horse Whisperer, who advises the Queen on horses and dogs.
The palace also confirmed the death of Cider, a dorgi (dachsund-corgi cross). Now only the two corgis, Willow and Holly, and two dorgis, Candy and Vulcan, remain. - Daily Mail Online.

01.09.2012 - Sparky's Keltic Kibble Dance
Make sure your volume is turned up and enjoy!

25.08.2012 - Drama at Balmoral
A royal dog fight recently broke out at Balmoral, the vast Scottish estate where the Queen spends the summer, between the royal pack of six dogs and three Norwich terriers belonging to the Duke of York's family, among them Princess Beatrice's 11 year old Max
Apparently it happened when the Queen's 'dog boy' was taking the corgis and the terriers along the long corridor leading to the Tower Door for walkies around the 50,000 acre estate. They all became overexcited and began fighting among themselves. Unfortunately the dog boy lost control and it seems the corgis picked on Max who was very badly injured and had to be taken to the local vet.
Contrary to popular opinion, the Queen's corgis are actually usually very well behaved. According to a film-maker who worked on the Olympic film the Queen's corgis behaved impeccably and performed their roles better than the stand-ins, enabling the sequence to be shot in one take.
News online

22.08.2012 - Update
How The Corgi Lost Its Tail with drawings by Billie Stahl.
Crazy Around The Pool

19.08.2012 - Update
The True Origin of Corgis, now with a lovely drawing by Bilie Stahl.


These two books with illustrations by Billie Stahl are now available from the publisher. The Corgihouse Christmas Post Office is a picture book with a short introduction in English. Details on under Books.

07.08.2012 - Corgis in new film
"Hope Springs" a new film with Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell has three corgis. It is a new comedy from David Frankel, the director of "The Devil Wears Prada". It will be released in August 2012. Breeders and owners of the corgis are Mary Elizabeth Simpson and Cathy Santarsiero, USA.
Trailer on: (corgis at the end).

05.08.2012 - Update
Sota Tale (A Tribute To Koda)

04.08.2012 - Either love it or hate it!
Advert (with Corgi) for "Ma'amite". Marmite is a popular British bread spread which you will either love or hate as the video will show!!
... and an advert from IKEA
the UK branch of the Swedish furniture giant in connection with the Queen's diamond jubilee.


During the opening ceremonies of the Olympics 2012 in London there was an entertaining segment with James Bond, alias Daniel Craig, calling on the Palace to ask the Queen to accompany him on a special mission. The Queen greeted him with "Good evening Mr Bond" and both took off in a helicopter. The scene concluded with the stunt double of the Queen parachuting into the Olympic Stadium. Seconds later the real Queen, wearing the same dress as she did in the filmed sequence, was met with roars of laughter and a standing ovation as she entered the arena together with Prince Philip. The sequence at the Palace even included two of the Queen's own corgis, the 13 year old Monty previously owned by the Queen Mother being one of them.

26.07.2012 - Update
An Injury, Its Cause And Effect On The Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Radius Curvus

12.07.2012 - Update
The Corgi's Midsummer's Eve - Poem

30.06.2012 - Update
Failure To Conceive

04.06.2012 - Update
Is Your Corgi Afraid of Thunderstorms/Fireworks?

26.05.2010 - Queen's Diamond Jubilee
Diana King, chairwoman of the Welsh Corgi League, talks about the Queen's corgis and corgis in general. Watch the video on YouTube:
More about Royal Corgis:
The Royal Corgis
Ranger, the Royal Corgi
Confessions of a Royal Corgi

25.05.2012 - Update
Corgi Causes A Kitchen Fire

19.05.2012 - World Dog Show, Salzburg (A) - Results
Cardigans: 86 - Judge: Glenda Cook (AUS)
World Winner, CACIB: Rassemann's I Want It All. Prop. Susanne Conradsen, DK
World Junior Winner: Yasashiikuma Dragon Defender. Prop. W.J. Dijkhorst, NL
World Veteran Winner & BOB: Blondie's Noble Man. Prop. Susanne Conradsen, DK
World Winner, CACIB: Floatin' Helen Heilin. Prop. W.J. Dijkhorst, NL
World Junior Winner: Pluperfect Merrymoon Poetry In Motion. Prop. W.J. Dijkhorst, NL
World Veteran Winner: Blondie's Quella De Will. Prop. Anette Erdmann, DK
Pembrokes: 91 - Judge: Edith Soltesz (A)
World Winner, CACIB, BOB, BIG 1, BIS 2!!!: Andvol Pinkerton. Prop. Olga Shilova. RU
World Junior Winner: Haywire's Get Shorty Gene. Prop. Else Ahlbom, SF
World Veteran Winner: Red Baron. Prop. Anna Kuznetsova
World Winner, CACIB: Berljon Unreal Beauty. Prop. Natalia Romanova, RU
World Junior Winner: Nireno Live And Let Fly. Prop. Caron Mcgregor, AUS
World Veteran Winner: Cuuchin Born To Enchant. Prop. Rita Tilley Wilberg, N

17.05.2012 - Update
Increased Interest in Corgis in Queen's Jubilee Year

12.05.2012 - Corgi survived earthquake in Japan
This Welsh corgi was rescued by Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support after spending three days waiting for rescue on a roof. According to Susan Mercer from Heart-Tokushima, one of the rescues associated with JEARS, the corgi was very quiet when first spotted, even though there was a sign above his head that read "He bites!" Apparently he didn't feel like biting his rescuers and responded to a kind voice right away. JEARS was asked to take in the corgi. He's now on his way to rehabilitate at Animal Friends Nigata, while other volunteers look for his family. - 26.03.2011 on

11.05.2012 - Looking for Andy
How far would you go to find your missing pet? For the Ghiggeri family, guardians of Andy, an eleven-year-old Corgi, there is no such thing as too far. Andy ran away on New Year's Eve after being scared by fireworks while visiting friends in Westport Connecticut, and the hunt has been on ever since. His family made more than 4,000 posters, assembled teams of volunteers to patrol areas, set traps, raised money, set up a dozen night-vision cameras, hired a real-life pet detective, and by doing all of this, gained national media attention. For more on Andy read on. Global Animal

08.05.2012 - Corgi helps autistic teen overcome his fear of the classroom
Sally, a Pembroke corgi has helped 14-year old Nick Gilling overcome his fear of the classroom.
After Nick who suffers of Asperger's syndrom had been badly bullied by his class mates, he refused to go back to school and was taught by the home/hospitaleducation service for about two years. He only went back to a special unit at his school last April, but refused to wear his uniform.
When his mother Tessa heard from The Dogs For The Disabled charity that Nick may respond through his dog, she dressed Sally up in Nick's school uniform. When he saw Sally Nick burst out laughing and agreed to wear his school uniform that day to school.
Before Sally joined the Gilling's, she was a show dog and won Crufts in her category as a puppy in 2008. Her pedigree name is Janjinks Wild Honey At Ermyn and the family was able to get her because she was not to be bred. Tessa Gilling then went on a PAWS (Parents Autism Workshops and Support) training course where she trained Sally to help Nick.
Read the whole story here: (The Sun Online)
or here: (Mail Online)

05.05.2012 - Update
The Gift Of The Fairies

01.05.2012 - Update
The Dogs On The Titanic

21.04.2012 - Update
2 new recipes for dog treats.
Lance the Corgi Tricks - on YouTube, absolutely amazing!

15.04.2012 - Corbin, instant famous through YouTube
Corbin, a Pembroke Corgi owned by Vii Wang in Bossier City, Louisiana is a real sucker for a full-body massage with a multi-vac dustbuster after walkies. Since his owner uploaded a short video clip on 11 April 2012 it has, within only 5 days, been viewed more than 300'000. times.

Corbin ready for his massage
Corbin has gained so many fans that he has his own blog and, of course, you can also meet him on Facebook. On his Facebook profile he describes himself as the "coolest corgi you will ever know and ever will be". And he adds: "I spend my days napping con mi madre Vii and trolling around the house until I get fed." He likes to think of the world as a chew toy and in good corgi manner his interests are "what's under the table, the couch and the feet". But for any lonely-heart Corgi girls out there, he lists his relationship status as "in a domestic relationship".
His owner loves Corbin so much that she even has a full-colour tattoo of him on her arm.

03.04.2012 - Update
Annie, doing what comes naturally

28.03.2012 - Update
Unique Jewelry (now with pics)

27.03.2012 - Update
Danger: Sugar-free sweets containing Xylitol

18.03.2012 - Update
Caution when crossing pastures
(Cattle/Livestock guardian dogs)

12.03.2012 - TV for your dog

Dogs that are left alone tend to become anxious and many dogs also suffer from a lack of stimulation, which becomes acute when their parents are away. Research shows that dogs feel better in the company of television. However, not every video is appropriate. Anything that contains fireworks or gunfire could scare your dog and create more stress than no TV.
This is why DOGTV was developed, a 24/7 digital TV channel that acts as a babysitter for "home alone" dogs. The programing was scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone and the contents created to meet specific attributes of a dog's sense of vision and hearing. Three types of programming offer between 3 and 6 minutes relaxing and stimulating content as well as positive behavioral reinforcements.
In February 2012, the channel became first available to San Francisco Time Warner and Cox Media customers and it plans to spread across the United States by the end of the year for a charge of $4.99 per month which the company feels is a minimal amount to pay compared to doggy day care, which can cost as much as $40 or $50.
This short video shows some examples of the programs with "stimulating" content:

10.03.2012 - Crufts Results
Judge: Mr Kim V. Nielsen, DK
Entered: 96; absent 12.
Dogs (Rüden/mâles)
CC/BOB: Ch. Belroyd Pemcader Cymro. Owner: A. Taylor, I. Jones & K. Dover, GB
Res.CC: Int.Ch. Golddigger Cymraeg Ci. Owner: Lars Hallblom, NO
Bitches (Hündinnen/femelles)
CC/BOS: Ch. Bymil Picture This. Owner: Sarah Taylor, GB
Res.CC: AM/CDN Grand Ch. Yasashiikuma Smoky Mountn Maid. Owner: Shelley Camm, CA
Best Puppy: Kincroft Comar Tyross. Owner: H. & S. Stalker, GB
Judge: Mr T. Mathiesen, USA
Entered: 187; absent: 23
Dogs (Rüden/mâles)
CC: Stadwen Spartakus. Owner: D.A. & W. Rees, GB
Res.CC Bronabay Trooping The Colour. Owner: L.A. & N.A. Weedall & Bogue, GB
Bitches (Hündinnen/femelles)
CC/BOB: GB, IR & INT Ch. Maplecreek Beach Bunny At Craigycor. Owner: A.G.S. Matthews, GB
Res.CC: INT & NORD Ch. Cimaith's Elegant Siggen Design. Owner: R.T. Wilberg & Myrvold, NO
Best Puppy: Vuedor Black Pearl At Ermyn. Owner: Mary H. Davies, GB

05.03.2012 - Update
Lungworm On the Rise In Europe

02.03.2012 - Update
Gila, the Mold Sniffer

15.02.2012 - Update
Six new online puzzles.

10.02.2012 - Update
Do Animals Grieve?

03.02.2012 - Update
Gorilla Glue - A Warning

26.01.2012 - 4 new poems
For Lace
My Shadow
The Accident
A Message From A Little Ghost

25.01.2012 - Update
Rather Unusual Colours in Cardigans

24.01.2012 - Update
Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs

21.01.2012 - Update
Just Another Old, Mean Dog

18.01.2012 - Update
The Royal Corgis

10.01.2012 - Update
Corgi Survives Avalanche

05.01.2012 - Update
Prostate Problems in Dogs

04.01.2012 - Update
Ava Gardner and Her Corgis


30.12.2011 - Update
The Corgis' Christmas

28.12.2011 - Update
The Sample (female version)
Ode to Corgis (poem)

17.12.2011 - Update
A Star for Poppy - A Christmas Story
A Corgi Carol
A Corgi Christmas
A Doggie Wonderland
A Thankful Orphan Dog (sad)
Do I Go Home Today (sad)


"Bokeh" image of a Corgi
Bokeh is a Japanese term for the artistically "blurred" area of an image.

05.12.2011 - Update
Zeppy's Turkey Obsession

01.12.2011 - Update
Holiday Hazards

19.11.2011 - Update
A Guardian Angel for Star

14.11.2011 - Update
The Corgi and the Ducklings

09.11.2011 - Update
Prayer of a Stray - Poem

29.10.2011 - Update
Old Dog in a Locket - Poem

13.10.2011 - Update
Safari and the Flames

07.10.2011 - Update
The Long Way Home

04.10.2011 - Update
Horse chestnuts can kill

22.09.2011 - Update
The Meaning of Corgi

02.09.2011 - Update
Hela of Beaulieu

31.08.2011 - Update
Stormerbanks Corgis

27.08.2011 - Update
Pros and Cons of Living with Siblings

24.08.2011 - Update
Marathon Corgi Part II

18.08.2011 - Update
Marathon Corgi Part I

17.08.2011 - Update
Ordeal By Water

12.08.2011 - Update
The Sample

11.08.2011 - Update
Saying Good-bye, A Therapy Dog Love Story

10.08.2011 - Update
An Unexpected Encounter in Bhutan

08.08.2011 - Update
Lure Coursing, A Fun Sport
Three poems written by Lore Bruder on the death of a beloved Cardi:
Druid's Dream
For Patches
Darby O' Damn it!

05.08.2011 - Update
Samson, A True Cardigan Hero
Druid, My Hero

21.07.2011 - Update
Reverse Sneezing

20.7.2011 - Update
The Case of a "Bloody" Mystery (Canine Blood Groups)

18.07.2001 - Update
Sniffer Dog On Wheels (Nose Work, A New Canine Sport)

11.07.2011 - World Dog Show, Paris
Results Cardigans
Results Pembrokes

09.07.2011 - Championnat de France, Paris
Results Cardigans
Results Pembrokes

08.07.2011 - With a little help from my friends
Ferris Helps Dot Matrix Escape (YouTube)

29.06.2011 - Update
Confessions of a Royal Corgi

23.06.2011 - Update
Edward And The Goats

20.06.2011 - Update
There is spoiling, then there is spoiling

18.06.2011 - Update
Giant Corgi Cake

16.06.2011 - Update
The Mighty Hercules

15.06.2011 - Update
The Battle Against Corgi Hair

27.05.2011 - Update
Reba's Story

22.05.2011 - Update
Dookie, Queen Elizabeth's first corgi
Ch. Red Dragon, a famous Pembroke ancestor

20.05.2011 - Update
Colin, the King and I (The corgis in The King's Speech)

15.05.2011 - Update
Before Dogs


At the VDH-Europasieger-Show in Dortmund, 6-8 May
the Pembroke dog Andvol Pinkerton was Best in Show.
Owner: Olga Shuvalova, Moscow

08.05.2011 - Update
Tasha Tudor - A Portrait

02.05.2011 - Update
Breeding Bobtailed Pembrokes

30.04.2011 - Update
Fluffies, How To Recognize Them

18.04.2011 - Guiness Record Corgi Cake

14.04.2011 - Update
John Holmes

11.04.2011 - Corgi Commercial
The film the second Corgi was watching on TV was Rage At Down from 1955.

10.04.2011 - Update
One Year Ago

08.04.2011 - Update
Thelma Gray - A Portrait
Thelma Gray - Obituary

04.04.2011 - Update
"Blue" Corgis (Bluies)

03.04.2011 - Update
Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

26.03.2011 - Update
The Row About The Brindle Pembrokes

16.03.2011 - Update
The Birth of A New Breed

12.03.2011 - Update
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

Crufts 2011 - Corgis on 11 March
Judge: Mr Peter Green, USA
Entered: 83; absent: 5.
CC/BOB: Ch. Blondie's Noble Man. Owner: Mrs S. Condradsen, DK
Res.CC: Cwmteifi Rhodri. Owner: Mrs M. & Ms D. Neal & Slark, GB
CC/BOS: Floatin' Helen Heilin. Owners: Mr L. & Ms W.J. Croft-Elliott & Dijkhorst, NL
Res.CC: Ch. Bymil Picture This. Owner: Ms S. Taylor, GB
Best Puppy: Jennyvic Ditto of Wildcard. Owner: Dr V.I. Saunders, GB
Video: BOB Judging Cardigans

Judge: Mrs Diana King, GB
Entered: 136; absent: 17
CC: Highworth Cut The Mustard For Twinan, JW. Owners: Mrs K.M. & Ms T.J. Irving, GB
Res.CC Am.Ch. Caamora Saddle Lane Remy Martin. Owner Mrs J. Thomas, F
CC/BOB: Ch. Craigycor Irish Luck At Meitza. Owner: Ms F. & Mr M. Miller & Haslam, GB
Res.CC: Cordach Georgy Girl. Owner: Mr A. & Mrs M. Winsone, GB
Best Puppy: Vuedor Perfect Harmony. Owner: Mrs J. Williams, GB

05.03.2011 - Update
Unwanted Blue Eyes in Corgis

25.02.2011 - Poems for those who have lost a pet.

24.02.2011 - Update
Ranger, the Queen Mother's Corgi

23.02.2011 - Update
The Legend of Corgi-san

22.02.2011 - Update
How To Photograph A New Puppy

19.02.2011 - Westminster Kennel Club Show 2011
This prestigious show takes place in New York on two days in February each year. It is only for champions.
This year the Corgis were judged on 14 February. Entry: 11 Cardigans and 10 Pembrokes.
Judge: Mr Robert Stein
BOB: Grand Ch. Twinroc Santa Paws (dog). Owners: Dina Planche & Paula O'Donnell, USA
BOS: Ch Phi-Vestavia Goody Goody. Owner: Christine Sonberg, Belgium
Judge: Mrs Barbara Dempsey Alderman
BOB and 4th in Group: Grand Ch. Segni At Coventry (bitch). Owners: Alexandra Geremia & Bill Shelton, USA
BOS: Grand Ch. Coventry Pennant. Owners: Jim & Judy Johnson, Steven Leyerly & Bill Shelton, USA

15.02.2011 - Update
The Revival of the Blue Merles

The Corgis in the new film The King's Speech with Colin Firth in the role of King George VI, belong to Maria Carter with the affix De Cesare. She lives in Cheltenham, England and mainly does obedience with her Corgis.

08.02.2011 - Update
The Separation Of The Breeds (1934)

The Corgi Who Didn't Yet Have A Tail

09.01.2011 - Update
The True Origin Of Corgis

28.12.2010 - Update
Liver Cookies for Dogs
Ginger Cookies for Dogs

23.12.2010 - Update
Last Christmas at the Corgihouse
The Day before Christmas
A Puppy's 12 Days of Christmas
Christmas Wish

27.11.2010 - Advent calendar
Don't miss the Advent story for children of all ages
beginning 1 December on

22.11.2010 - Dear God... from The Dog

07.11.2010 - Corgis as sleddogs
Sled Corgis
(Les Schwab commercial)