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News 2014

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20.12.2014 - Update
A Dog's Eye View of Christmas

14.12.2014 - Update
The Christmas Corgi at the Stable by Maggi Payne.

11.12.2014 - Update
New poem - Ode to Miss Bonnie


Make sure not to miss the online Corgihouse Advent Calendar starting on 1 December with a new story.

29.11.2014 - Update
The Tale of the fluffy Corgi

18.10.2014 - Update
Milou's American Adventure

02.10.2014 - Update
When Henry Met Connie

25.09.2014 - Update
New Poem - The Loneliness of the Long Distance Loser

20.09.2014 - Update
New Photo Gallery with Old Photos

11.09.2014 - Update
Finding Daisy

03.09.2014 - Update
The Cardigan Corgi - A Cattle Dog

01.09.2014 - Update
"Pink" Cardigan Corgis

28.08.2014 - Update
Why Are Herding Dogs Running the Figure 8?

10.08.2014 - World Dog Show, Helsinki

2nd Brace Class on Sunday: Andvol Mercury/Andvol Monro
Results (pdf)

09.08.2014 - Update
A Dwarf among Giants

04.08.2014 - Update
Present Research in Degenerative Myelopathy with Special Emphasis on Corgis

31.07.2014 - Update
When Herding Met Sporting

21.07.2014 - Update
Rules for Dogs and Dog Owners

17.07.2014 - Update
How To Cope With A Neurotic Owner

05.07.2014 - Update
Corgis as Service Dogs

28.6.2014 - Update
The Corgis and the Fox

21.06.2014 - Update
Henry's Midsummer's Eve


The cover of Lily Allen's latest album Sheezus shows the singer with three corgis.

27.05.2014 - Update
Canine Empathy
The Steadfast Corgi

24.05.2014 - Update
A Whirlwind On The Agility Course

26.04.2014 - Update
Firefighters rescue corgi trapped in chair

08.04.2014 - Update
Life Goes On


At the 2014 AKC National Agility Championships in Pennsylvania on 27-30 March, the almost 9 year old Cardigan Corgi Porter (Raconteur Porteur du Jaune) handled by Merinda Tiffany of Lexington, KY became the first 4" Preferred National Agility Champion (PNAC) since the American Kennel Club started offering preferred level classes in 2010. These classes allow a dog to jump one jump height lower than measured and gives another 5 seconds added onto the Standard Course Time of the time of their original height.

31.03.2014 - Update
In Praise Of The Old Dog
Idiopathic or "Old Dog" Disease

20.03.2014 - Update
Pippin With The Satellite Ears

15.03.2014 - Update
Seeing The World With New Eyes

09.03.2014 - Corgis Win First Ever 'Obreedience' Display Competition At Crufts

A team of four Welsh Pembroke Corgis has won the first ever 'Obreedience' competition at Crufts, beating eight other breed teams to prove their worth as the most obedient breed in a fun competition at the world's biggest dog event.
Obreedience, the new and exciting team obedience competition, was introduced at Crufts this year as a special display event, and fans of each of the nine breeds - Hovawarts, Spanish Water Dogs, Tibetan Terriers, Rottweilers, Papillons, Afghan Hounds, Corgis, Boxers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers - watched in their droves as the Welsh Pembroke Corgis achieved their victory.
The winning team members were:
* Maria Carter and her dog Carina, from Cheltenham
* Jan West and her dog Rhoda, from Gloucester
* Emese Kovacs and her dog Badger, from Wadhurst
* Sally Corbet and her dog Charlie, from Tewksbury

Crufts 6 March 2014 -Main Results Pastoral Group

Cardigan Welsh Corgis (94 - 15 from abroad: B, CA, CZ, DK, N, NL, PL, RU, US)
Judge: Mrs Sandra Muckle

BOB Josester Mr Blobby

CC & BOB: CH Joseter Mr Blobby - Owner: Mr Peter Clifton
Reserve CC: All Trade Gone Fishing (NOR) - Owner: Mrs S. Masyagina
CC: Analog CC Kind of Blue (NOR) - Owner: Mrs C. Sonberg
Reserve CC: INT CH Tamlin Queen Victoria - Owner: Mrs N. Mayorova
Best Puppy: Fest Oksana Via Indizak (IMP POL) - Owner: Mrs K. Thomas

Cruft 2014 - Pastoral Group Judging

Pembroke Welsh Corgis (149 - 15 from abroad: AUS, F, I, N, RU)
Judge: Mr Kevin Dover

BOB Siggen's Queen of Spades

CC: Debsanna' Costa Lot - Owner: Mrs D.A. Richardson
Reserve CC: SUP AUS INT NORD CH Antudor Accidentlaly In Love (AUS) - Owner: Mrs Rita T. Wilberg
CC & BOB: Siggen's Queen of Spades (NOR) - Owner: Mrs Rita T. Wilberg
Reserve CC: Andvol Monro (RUS) - Owner: Mrs. Gurchenko
Best Puppy: Ermyn Fly By Night - Owner: Mrs Mary H. Davies

05.03.2014 - Update
Lady, The Dog Of My Childhood

27.02.2014 - New book
"Just Annika", the diary of a Cardigan Welsh Corgi written with a little help from her owner Vivien Saunders.
I have read this delightful book with great pleasure. The adventures of the pretty, clever and, at times, rather naughty football fan Annika brought both smiles and some tears.
Published in 2013 by Abbotsley Publishing, St Neots, Cambridgeshire. 282 pages with colour photos. ISBN 978-1-9097230-03-8. The price is £15.99 incl. postage in the UK; for shipment overseas add £5.00
The book can be ordered by e-mail to Vivien Saunders.

16.02.2014 - Update
Looking For A New Family

11.-12.02.2014 Westminster Dog Show, New York
This year's winner of the Herding Group was the Cardigan Corgi

GrandCH Riverside Telltail Coco Posh
Bitch, born 22.12.2008
(CH Twinroc Santa Paws x CH Telltail's Showgirl)
Breeder: Julie & Bill Divens & Deb Shindle, USA

07.02.2014 - Update
New cute, commercial video McVitie's Digestives

03.02.2014 - Update
Portrait of A Dog Rescuer

01.02.2014 - Update
The True Prince of Wales (song)

30.01.2014 - Update
Two new videos added to the list - Young Cardigan driving the cows to the pasture and Purina Pro Plan commercial.

25.01.2014 - Update
Corgis, Porcupine and Skunk

16.01.2014 - Update
The Processionary Caterpillar - Danger

13.01.2014 - Update
Beware of Mould