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News 2011 and 2010

30.12.2011 - Update
The Corgis' Christmas

28.12.2011 - Update
The Sample (female version)
Ode to Corgis (poem)

17.12.2011 - Update
A Star for Poppy - A Christmas Story
A Corgi Carol
A Corgi Christmas
A Doggie Wonderland
A Thankful Orphan Dog (sad)
Do I Go Home Today (sad)


"Bokeh" image of a Corgi
Bokeh is a Japanese term for the artistically "blurred" area of an image.

05.12.2011 - Update
Zeppy's Turkey Obsession

01.12.2011 - Update
Holiday Hazards

19.11.2011 - Update
A Guardian Angel for Star

14.11.2011 - Update
The Corgi and the Ducklings

09.11.2011 - Update
Prayer of a Stray - Poem

29.10.2011 - Update
Old Dog in a Locket - Poem

13.10.2011 - Update
Safari and the Flames

07.10.2011 - Update
The Long Way Home

04.10.2011 - Update
Horse chestnuts can kill

22.09.2011 - Update
The Meaning of Corgi

02.09.2011 - Update
Hela of Beaulieu

31.08.2011 - Update
Stormerbanks Corgis

27.08.2011 - Update
Pros and Cons of Living with Siblings

24.08.2011 - Update
Marathon Corgi Part II

18.08.2011 - Update
Marathon Corgi Part I

17.08.2011 - Update
Ordeal By Water

12.08.2011 - Update
The Sample

11.08.2011 - Update
Saying Good-bye, A Therapy Dog Love Story

10.08.2011 - Update
An Unexpected Encounter in Bhutan

08.08.2011 - Update
Lure Coursing, A Fun Sport
Three poems written by Lore Bruder on the death of a beloved Cardi:
Druid's Dream
For Patches
Darby O' Damn it!

05.08.2011 - Update
Samson, A True Cardigan Hero
Druid, My Hero

21.07.2011 - Update
Reverse Sneezing

20.7.2011 - Update
The Case of a "Bloody" Mystery (Canine Blood Groups)

18.07.2001 - Update
Sniffer Dog On Wheels (Nose Work, A New Canine Sport)

11.07.2011 - World Dog Show, Paris
Results Cardigans
Results Pembrokes

09.07.2011 - Championnat de France, Paris
Results Cardigans
Results Pembrokes

08.07.2011 - With a little help from my friends
Ferris Helps Dot Matrix Escape (YouTube)

29.06.2011 - Update
Confessions of a Royal Corgi

23.06.2011 - Update
Edward And The Goats

20.06.2011 - Update
There is spoiling, then there is spoiling

18.06.2011 - Update
Giant Corgi Cake

16.06.2011 - Update
The Mighty Hercules

15.06.2011 - Update
The Battle Against Corgi Hair

27.05.2011 - Update
Reba's Story

22.05.2011 - Update
Dookie, Queen Elizabeth's first corgi
Ch. Red Dragon, a famous Pembroke ancestor

20.05.2011 - Update
Colin, the King and I (The corgis in The King's Speech)

15.05.2011 - Update
Before Dogs


At the VDH-Europasieger-Show in Dortmund, 6-8 May
the Pembroke dog Andvol Pinkerton was Best in Show.
Owner: Olga Shuvalova, Moscow

08.05.2011 - Update
Tasha Tudor - A Portrait

02.05.2011 - Update
Breeding Bobtailed Pembrokes

30.04.2011 - Update
Fluffies, How To Recognize Them

18.04.2011 - Guiness Record Corgi Cake

14.04.2011 - Update
John Holmes

11.04.2011 - Corgi Commercial
The film the second Corgi was watching on TV was Rage At Down from 1955.

10.04.2011 - Update
One Year Ago

08.04.2011 - Update
Thelma Gray - A Portrait
Thelma Gray - Obituary

04.04.2011 - Update
"Blue" Corgis (Bluies)

03.04.2011 - Update
Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

26.03.2011 - Update
The Row About The Brindle Pembrokes

16.03.2011 - Update
The Birth of A New Breed

12.03.2011 - Update
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

Crufts 2011 - Corgis on 11 March
Judge: Mr Peter Green, USA
Entered: 83; absent: 5.
CC/BOB: Ch. Blondie's Noble Man. Owner: Mrs S. Condradsen, DK
Res.CC: Cwmteifi Rhodri. Owner: Mrs M. & Ms D. Neal & Slark, GB
CC/BOS: Floatin' Helen Heilin. Owners: Mr L. & Ms W.J. Croft-Elliott & Dijkhorst, NL
Res.CC: Ch. Bymil Picture This. Owner: Ms S. Taylor, GB
Best Puppy: Jennyvic Ditto of Wildcard. Owner: Dr V.I. Saunders, GB
Video: BOB Judging Cardigans

Judge: Mrs Diana King, GB
Entered: 136; absent: 17
CC: Highworth Cut The Mustard For Twinan, JW. Owners: Mrs K.M. & Ms T.J. Irving, GB
Res.CC Am.Ch. Caamora Saddle Lane Remy Martin. Owner Mrs J. Thomas, F
CC/BOB: Ch. Craigycor Irish Luck At Meitza. Owner: Ms F. & Mr M. Miller & Haslam, GB
Res.CC: Cordach Georgy Girl. Owner: Mr A. & Mrs M. Winsone, GB
Best Puppy: Vuedor Perfect Harmony. Owner: Mrs J. Williams, GB

05.03.2011 - Update
Unwanted Blue Eyes in Corgis

25.02.2011 - Poems for those who have lost a pet.

24.02.2011 - Update
Ranger, the Queen Mother's Corgi

23.02.2011 - Update
The Legend of Corgi-san

22.02.2011 - Update
How To Photograph A New Puppy

19.02.2011 - Westminster Kennel Club Show 2011
This prestigious show takes place in New York on two days in February each year. It is only for champions.
This year the Corgis were judged on 14 February. Entry: 11 Cardigans and 10 Pembrokes.
Judge: Mr Robert Stein
BOB: Grand Ch. Twinroc Santa Paws (dog). Owners: Dina Planche & Paula O'Donnell, USA
BOS: Ch Phi-Vestavia Goody Goody. Owner: Christine Sonberg, Belgium
Judge: Mrs Barbara Dempsey Alderman
BOB and 4th in Group: Grand Ch. Segni At Coventry (bitch). Owners: Alexandra Geremia & Bill Shelton, USA
BOS: Grand Ch. Coventry Pennant. Owners: Jim & Judy Johnson, Steven Leyerly & Bill Shelton, USA

15.02.2011 - Update
The Revival of the Blue Merles

The Corgis in the new film The King's Speech with Colin Firth in the role of King George VI, belong to Maria Carter with the affix De Cesare. She lives in Cheltenham, England and mainly does obedience with her Corgis.

08.02.2011 - Update
The Separation Of The Breeds (1934)

The Corgi Who Didn't Yet Have A Tail

09.01.2011 - Update
The True Origin Of Corgis

28.12.2010 - Update
Liver Cookies for Dogs
Ginger Cookies for Dogs

23.12.2010 - Update
Last Christmas at the Corgihouse
The Day before Christmas
A Puppy's 12 Days of Christmas
Christmas Wish

27.11.2010 - Advent calendar
Don't miss the Advent story for children of all ages
beginning 1 December on

22.11.2010 - Dear God... from The Dog

07.11.2010 - Corgis as sleddogs
Sled Corgis
(Les Schwab commercial)