Reading Corner


* Legends & Tales *

Ordeal By Water
Marathon Corgi Part I
Marathon Corgi Part II
Saying Good-bye, A Therapy Dog Love Story
An Unexpected Encounter in Bhutan
The Mighty Hercules
Do Animals Grieve?
Unique Jewelry
Annie, doing what comes naturally
Short Legs and Deep Snow
Corgis Go To Preschool
Intelligence of Corgis
Pepper And The Badger
"Someone will be sure to want him"
A Brother for Owen
Reluctant Heroine
A Rather Unusual Friendship
Corgis, Porcupine and Skunk
In Praise Of The Old Dog
Life Goes On
Canine Empathy
The Corgis and the Fox
When Herding Met Sporting
A Dwarf among Giants
Finding Daisy
When Henry Met Connie
Amazing Ella and Her Many Lives
A Visit from Beyond
Little Big Pup
Dilly in Dulles
The Adventures of Billy Bones
In Memoriam: Diva
Missing on Arrival
Corgis of Ukraine
How Poppy Came to Me
The Inventor of the Canine Wheelchair

Corgi Heroes
Druid, My Hero
Samson, A True Cardigan Hero
Safari and the Flames
Wendy and the Snake
Hugo - A Hero Dog

Corgis in the Media
In Memory of Queen Elizabeth II
Platinum Jubilee with Corgis
Corgi swims about 7 miles to shoreline
Crufts Dog Show
Colin, the King and I The corgis in The King's Speech
Giant Corgi Cake
The Long Way Home
The Corgi and the Ducklings
A Guardian Angel for Star
Corgi Survives Avalanche
The Royal Corgis
Increased Interest in Corgis
Corgi Causes A Kitchen Fire
Royal Pet Cemetery
Is The Corgi Becoming A Rare Breed?
Firefighters rescue corgi trapped in chair
Corgi race to "reveal" the name of the next British royal baby
The Queen's Final Corgis?
Corgi Goes Missaing in Texas, Turns up in Hawaii
Queen Meets Corgi at Battersea Dogs' & Cats Home
The "Nose of Tralee"
Advising Her Majesty
Corgi Wrongly Accused of Indecent Behaviour
Royal Gifts for Your Corgi
Only one Corgi left
A Corgi at
Christchurch's Corgis
Sad End for a Corgi in China
A corgi-sized hole in our hearts
Lost Corgi goes viral on Twitter
Corgi stays close to owner during labor
Queen mourns the death of Whisper
Interview with Stephen King
An Unusual Friendship
Corgi Cafe in Bangkok
Houellebecq's Devotion to his Corgi
Willie the Corgi - in NZ TV series
Bridgerton's New Star

Reba's Story
Reba, the Svelte (Reba's Story continued)
There is spoiling, then there is spoiling
Pros and Cons of Living with Siblings
Caution when crossing pastures (Cattle/livestock guardian dogs)
Is Your Corgi Afraid of Thunderstorms/Fireworks?
Retractable or Flexi-Leashes
Early Puppy Socialisation
Is Peanut Butter Safe For Dogs?
Dogs and Kids
When is it time to let go?

Sugar-free sweets containing Xylitol
Holiday Hazards
Horse chestnuts can kill
Gorilla Glue - A Warning
Beware of Mould
The Processionary Caterpillar - Danger
Fireworks - Dangers
Green-blue Algae, a Danger to Dogs
Beware of Cannabis

Times Past
Hela of Beaulieu
Ch. Red Dragon
Tasha Tudor - A Portrait
John Holmes
Thelma Gray - A Portrait
Thelma Gray - Obituary
Ava Gardner and Her Corgis
The Dogs On The Titanic (no Corgis!)
Charles de Gaulle's Corgis
The Welsh Corgi League
Lady, The Dog Of My Childhood
Memories of a Kennel Maid
Interview with Derek Rayne
The Way to Success in the Show Ring
Leila Moore - Obituary
Margo Parsons - Obituary
The Leslie Perrins Trophy
Sue Harrison - My Life with Corgis.
The Royal Corgis (1952)
My Prefix

Rescue Stories
One Year Ago
Just Another Old, Mean Dog
RIP Beau
Miss Daisy's 4th Got You Barkday
Miss Penny's New Life
Tay's Story
Harry - Rescued from Hell
Coby the Adventurer
Portrait of A Dog Rescuer
The Story of Benny C
Looking For A New Family
Seeing The World With New Eyes
Maggie's Story
Otis Mooney of California
Nate's Second Chance in Life
A Last Goodbye

On the Bright Side
The Sample (male version)
The Sample (female version)
The Battle Against Corgi Hair
Before Dogs
Confessions of a Royal Corgi
Ranger, the Royal Corgi
Interview with a Royal Corgi
How To Photograph A New Puppy
Last Christmas at the Corgihouse
Zeppy's Turkey Obsession
Crazy Around The Pool

Truth in Advertising
The Exploits Of Traveler
How To Cope With A Neurotic Owner
Rules for Dogs and Dog Owners
A Dog's Eye View of Christmas
Around with Edward
Around with Edward - 2
Around with Edward - 3
Around with Edward and Mungo - 4
Big Friendly Giant - Movie Premiere Garden Party
Animal Telepathic Communication
Before Acquiring a Puppy


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